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SECaaS for the Mass Market and User Plane Protection for your Network

Allot Secure is a security service delivery platform that unifies network-based security, home gateway security and security clients into your own branded service. Allot Secure also protects your network user plane. It detects and mitigates both inbound and outbound DDoS threats and prevents connected IoT devices from launching malicious traffic through your network.

* Available for Telcos only
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Security as a Service

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Network-based security solution providing threat protection and parental control functions for the consumer market. Read More »
Security for home IoT, smart appliances and home offices. Adds thin client to existing CPE to provide home network visibility & security. Read More »
Simple & reliable network security for SMBs. External & internal attacks effectively blocked. Unmatched security & visibility into the network. Read More »
Leverages award-winning Bitdefender technology to provide protection and content filtering for consumers & SMBs even when the user is off-net. Read More »

Network Security Solutions

5G NetProtect secures the 5G user plane, blocking DDoS attacks and isolating compromised Bots to ensure 5G scale and performance. Read More »
DDoS protection and bot containment for Communication Service Provider (CSP). Read More »
IoTSecure is a multi-tenant platform that enables your enterprise customers to monitor and secure their mobile IoT deployments. Read More »

Why Allot

Consumers and SMBs require help with cybersecurity and CSPs are in a prime position to meet this need. Allot Secure protects mobile devices, smart home appliances, connected business devices, and end-user devices such as smartphones and laptops – through the network.

Allot Secure unifies core-network based security with endpoint and CPE-based security enabling you to deliver branded, security services to the mass market. Allot Secure also protects your network user plane, detecting and mitigating both inbound and outbound DDoS threats. It also prevents connected IoT devices from launching malicious, reputation damaging traffic through your network.

Provisioned and activated through the network, Allot Secure does not require any customer effort. CSPs can achieve adoption rates of up to 50%, delivering branded, secure fixed & mobile communications. Customers are kept informed on how you’ve protected them, helping to achieve ongoing perception of value and high customer satisfaction.

Nearly 70% of customers who tested the solution (Allot Secure) in a period of 30 days, adopted the solution. And a customer satisfaction survey that we developed, showed that customers rated their satisfaction as 8 out of 10.

Victor E. Deutsch Franco Head of Strategy and Transformative Programs, Cybersecurity Unit Telefonica, Spain


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