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The world’s most comprehensive and broadly adopted cloud offers telecom companies the flexibility and power to deliver cutting-edge 5G services, optimize their operations, and deliver value-added services to enterprises and consumers. By this, the AWS cloud platform sets a new benchmark for excellence in the telecommunication market by meeting the highest standards and addressing the industry’s ever-evolving needs.

Allot and AWS have collaborated closely since the beginning of 2021 as partners to cloudify networks so organizations can virtualize and automate their network infrastructure, making it more agile, scalable, and cost-effective. With its cloud-native SMART and SECURE solutions, practices, and operations, Allot is at the forefront of this transformation.

The Allot portfolio of verified cloud-native offerings on the AWS platform including 5G NetProtect and Allot HomeSecure.


Allot solutions on AWS are verified solutions, meaning they have undergone a rigorous testing and validation process by AWS to ensure they meet specific Telecom standards in terms of security, performance, and scale; and can be seamlessly integrated with the AWS ecosystem.

  • AWS’s comprehensive service offerings, scalability, global infrastructure, security focus, and dedicated Telecom services and professional expertise have positioned them as a leader in Cloud Services within the Telecom industry.
  • Allot’s verified solution on AWS empowers network operators with advanced traffic management, QoE enhancement, security measures, monetization options, and analytics tools.
  • The collaboration between Amdocs and AWS ensures seamless integration and interoperability between their respective solutions. This allows telecom providers to streamline operations, improve efficiency, and deliver innovative services such as Allot consumer security solutions to customers with reduced time-to-market.

Verified AWS Solution

Allot 5G NetProtect

Allot 5G NetProtect

Allot 5G NetProtect secures the 5G network against attacks on the network infrastructure and user. The platform employs a multi-layer threat prevention ML/AI scheme to detect and block DDoS and botnet attacks from within and outside, assuring network performance and Quality of Experience (QoE). Read More »

Allot HomeSecure

Allot HomeSecure

HomeSecure protects the connected home via a multilayer security solution comprising a CPE-based thin security agent, the Allot Secure cloud threat protection service and backend hosted on AWS, and an end-user App for applying safe-browsing and parental controls for the home users. Read More »

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