DNS Secure

Network-based security solution providing threat protection and parental control functions for the consumer market.

DNS Secure

Needs & Challenges

The consumer mass market requires protection from malware and phishing attacks more than ever. It is no surprise that consumer concern is high. Service providers who attempted to address the issue with client-based security discovered that consumers didn’t buy-in and the adoption rates were low because they want a simple, transparent, zero-touch service that only a network-based service can deliver.


Zero-touch, clientless, frictionless onboarding and built-in customer engagement tools.
High Adoption Rates
High Adoption Rates
Designed for the mass market, no installation or set up required, achieving high adoption rates.
Increase Brand Loyalty
Increase Brand Loyalty
Yields exceptionally high Net Promoter Scores (NPS).


Threat Protection

Most advanced threat database for anti-malware, anti-phishing, anti-botnet, and adware protection using domain-reputation engines.

Parental Control Functions

Parental Control domain-reputation category-based filtering: Multiple categories available to manage and monitor web browsing.

Telco Carrier Grade Solution

Includes both Allot and PowerDNS technologies. PowerDNSsolutions are deployed globally with major Tier-1 customers. Allot is a leader in network-based security for mobile consumers with more than 20million protected customers and worldwide deployments in Tier 1 CSPs

Part of the Allot Secure family of solutions

Providing the full spectrum of security services from basic security to more advanced solutions, including: Effortless onboarding, scalability & high performance, and multitenancy capabilities.

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