Deliver high-quality, differentiated, revenue-generating services by tailoring service packages to consumer preferences


Needs & Challenges

In today’s highly competitive environment, fixed, mobile, and converged service providers need the ability to deploy differentiated and profitable network services while consistently delivering the Quality of Experience (QoE) that each subscriber expects. This requires subscriber awareness, traffic detection, and the ability to enforce service-related policies.


Visibility driven service monetization
Visibility driven service monetization
Accurately monitor, analyze, and meter subscriber data services over multiple concurrent access types.
Policy and Charging Control
Policy and Charging Control
Confidently deliver policy-compliant services to attract and retain satisfied customers.
Simplified service deployment
Simplified service deployment
Rapidly configure and deploy new, tiered service offerings with minimal cost and effort.


5G DPI Control

Integration with 5G SBA core network functions enables various capabilities such as analytics, subscriber-aware traffic and policy enforcement, DDoS Mitigation, and more.

PCC Functionality

Standard integration to operator Policy and Charging Rule Function (PCRF/PCF) and Online and Offline Charging Systems (OCS/OFCS).

Detailed usage reporting

Understanding subscriber online behavior is the first step to identifying ARPU opportunities and creating profitable service plans. A full set of analytics dashboards give service providers a detailed view into all aspects of per-subscriber service consumption – enabling the CSP to create tailored service packages that will satisfy customers.

Pay-for-use charging

SmartPCC’s SMP component enables real-time, pay-for-use charging based on the consumption of data and applications, per volume and time. It integrates seamlessly with mobile networks, to orchestrate the value-based charging process using standard 3GPP interfaces.

Personalized Services with Managed Quality of Service

SmartPCC’s SMP module provides a complete, standalone service creation and policy management framework for the rapid deployment of tiered and quota services that allow consumers to choose the Internet experience that best suits their lifestyle and budget, while operators maintain control over network use.

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