Traffic Management

Delivering an optimal Quality of Experience is key to attracting and retaining subscribers. Whether or not your data traffic is encrypted, Allot SmartTraffic QoE solutions give you the tools you need to monitor and control network traffic, within budget.

Encrypted Traffic Classification

Identify and accurately classify encrypted traffic on your network, in real-time, to assure a high QoE for every user and application

QoE Congestion Management

Overcome congestion challenges across your network by providing enough capacity to meet bandwidth demand while avoiding unnecessary infrastructure expansion

QoS Traffic Shaping

Regulate traffic flow automatically, in line with your network and service policies, to maximize QoE and maintain efficiency

TCP Optimization

Accelerate TCP traffic so you can deliver content and applications faster, reduce response times, and avoiding excessive buffering

VOO, Belgium

"By keeping DDoS traffic off the network and managing CMTS congestion precisely where it occurs, we have been able to delay infrastructure expansion by 2 years and to save millions"

Tamara Leemans


Allot Traffic Management Solutions

Allot helps you hold the line on costs as you provide more services to more subscribers and maximize their Quality of Experience.
Solution Brief

QoE Congestion Management with Allot QualityProtector

Learn how automated QoE congestion management can help you extract more value from your current network infrastructure.

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