Allot Secure
Revolutionize consumer cybersecurity. Protect users at home at work and on the go!
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Revolutionize consumer cybersecurity
Protect your 5G Network from DDoS and Botnet attacks
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See. Control. Secure.

Your network and your customers are your assets. With Allot Intelligence, Control and Security at the heart of your network, you gain the visibility and power needed to improve business decisions, target customers better, and protect any device connected to your network right from within.With Allot you can truly be much more than just a network.

About Allot

Allot network-based visibility, control and security solutions are deployed globally by the world’s leading service providers and enterprises to improve network performance, ensure optimal QoE and deliver value added security services. Our leading network security solutions achieve unmatched results.

Security VAS
Powering network-based security services with over 50% adoption
Delivering innovative network solutions for over 20 years.
Serving service provider and enterprise network users in over 100 countries

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