Policy & Charging Control

To attract, engage, and retain customers, you must be able to deliver innovative service plans, monitor data usage, and enforce policies across any platform

Cater to the unique and dynamic needs of pre-paid, post-paid, business and IoT customers, via seamless integration to provisioning and charging systems

The Need

Communications Service Providers (CSPs) are challenged more than ever before to attract and retain subscribers via innovative services. Competition and churn are a constant concern and Over-The-Top (OTT) applications cut heavily into traditional revenue sources. To stay ahead, CSPs must be able to rapidly deliver innovative service plans, monitor data usage, and enforce policies to maintain high quality and protect revenues, across any mix of access technologies.

Allot’s comprehensive Policy and Charging Control solutions enable new revenue streams … and prevent revenue leakage caused by fraud... The result is a differentiated service that increases prepaid customer loyalty and ARPU.

Director of Marketing, Global CSP LATAM

Why Allot

Deliver fully integrated PCEF/TDF and traffic steering

Include optional 3rd party PCRF or APIs for easy integration

Support advanced tethering detection and HTTP header enrichment

Provide powerful scalability through clustered service gateways

In the complex world of real-time policy & charging enforcement, interoperability & scalability along with accurate data classification & metering are critical.


Easily integrate PCRF, OCS, OFCS

Fully support pre-paid, post-paid, business, and IoT customers

Rapidly roll out & meter attractive services

Stay ahead of competition with differentiated, capped services

Increase and protect revenue

Target upsells, monetize tethering, personalize experiences and block fraud

The Solution

SmartPCC helps you create attractive services and accelerate time-to-revenue. HTTP header enrichment enables further, anonymized service personalization. Tethering control blocks data abuse and enables capacity upsell. Traffic steering efficiently incorporates value-added services.

With SmartPCC’s support of Diameter SD, Gx, Gy and Gz interfaces and an optional pre-integrated 3rd party PCRF module, you can:

Seamlessly integrate with operator authentication, provisioning, and charging

Provide intelligent PCEF/TDF that sends real-time subscriber ID to the PCRF and receives enforcement instructions

Convey real-time usage data to online charging systems (OCS)

Provide post-session summary records to offline charging systems (OFCS)

This solution is powered by:

Allot Service Gateway

Enable revenue-generating security services & intelligent network optimization


Allot Subscriber Management Platform

Accurately monitor & meter subscriber data services


Enable revenue-generating security services & intelligent network optimization  LEARN MORE...

Accurately monitor & meter subscriber data services  LEARN MORE...


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