Support Plans

Commitment to Support

As the industry’s leading provider of advanced traffic management technologies, we are committed to delivering state-of-the-art software features, easy-to-use enhancements and application/protocol recognition. Our engineers work continuously to refine our products and stay abreast of new applications and protocols as they emerge.

Ensuring Network Performance and Efficiency

When you invest in our maintenance and support plans, you can rest assured that your products and your network will perform at peak efficiency. Our maintenance and support plans give you:
-Unlimited, fast and friendly phone and email support from our worldwide support team of seasoned networking experts
-Access to our web-based eCRM, self-service and Knowledge Base systems
-RMA for faulty hardware
-Free, regular software updates via web download
-Regular, downloadable updates of new application and protocol signatures
-Regular updates of technical information

Dedicated ERT Service

Allot’s emergency response team (ERT) stands by 24X7 to help you respond to attack incidents and reassure you that no damage is done to your network and business. Our DDoS experts conduct attack investigation and forensics in real-time that enable effective counter response and configuration refinements to enhance your cyber defense and minimize any potential damage. Allot ERT also assists with end-to-end configuration reviews and on-demand security audits to make sure your network is prepared to stop the next Cyberattack.

Gold Support Plan

-Coverage of both hardware and software
-Advance RMA for faulty hardware replacement
-Software updates including major upgrades
-24-hour worldwide hotline/web/email priority backup to reseller/distributor support, with maximum 4-hour response time
-Access to Knowledge Base

NBD HW On Site Add-on plan available in selected locations. For more details please contact your account manager.

Platinum Support Plan

-All items included in the Gold Support Plan
-Improved SLA
-Restoration and Resolution
NBD HW On Site Add-on plan available in selected locations. For more details please contact your account manager.

T1/T2 Remote Support Add-On plan
Supplementary coverage to complete the above plans for partners.

Return Policy Plan

-Faulty units under a valid support plan: Receive authorization from us with an RMA number and form. A replacement unit will be shipped within 5 business days of receipt of the faulty unit at Allot.
-Faulty products covered by a support plan that includes advance RMA: A replacement unit (new or refurbished) will be shipped within 3 business days of RMA approval by Allot.
-Faulty out-of-warranty products: To repair a product not covered by a valid maintenance and support contract, you must reinstate the product support contract under the reinstatement policy. Renewal and reinstatement surcharges may apply.

Protocol Update Service

Our advanced DPI technology identifies a broad spectrum of network applications and their clients. To ensure that you are using our most up-to-date signature library to identify the applications and protocols running on your network, our protocol update plan enables the simple download of the latest Allot Protocol Pack and enables Allot NetXplorer Server to install it on your NetEnforcer devices. Two easy methods are available for installation of the latest Protocol Pack:
- For Allot NetXplorer Servers connected to the Internet: Install the Protocol Pack directly from the NetXplorer Tools menu
- For Allot NetXplorer Servers not connected to the Internet: Download the latest Protocol Pack to your NetXplorer Server, and it will automatically install the Protocol Pack

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