5G network intelligence solutions for CSPs, powered by machine learning, artificial intelligence and cutting-edge DPI technology.


Needs & Challenges

As CSPs transition to 5G networks, the need for actionable network intelligence will only grow. To meet customer expectations for enhanced mobile broadband, massive IoT, and ultra-low latency applications, CSPs will need granular visibility and control of network and application performance. As demand inevitably catches up with capacity, meeting SLAs and delivering high Quality of Experience will be an ongoing challenge and CSPs must deliver successfully.


Satisfied Customers
Satisfied Customers
Ensure QoE, through granular visibility into network, user, app, and device behavior, including encrypted video & VPNs.
Optimal Network Traffic Performance
Optimal Network Traffic Performance
Prioritize performance-sensitive applications to ensure QoE, especially during congestion, deferring costly expansion.
Increased monetization
Increased monetization
Enable and enforce tiered services through flexible policy enforcement, while preventing tethering abuse.


Granular traffic visibility

Overcome encryption to provide detailed visibility into application and sub-application behavior and usage.

Advanced traffic control

Configure and enforce enhanced QoS capabilities, including hierarchical and orthogonal policies to achieve desired prioritization and deliver optimal end-user QoE.

Flexible deployment

Smart5G can be deployed as a fully containerized cloud-native solution, as a virtualized, ETSI compliant NFV deployment, and in scalable hardware form factors ranging from small footprint appliances and all the way up to clustered Tb/s platforms.

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5G is a disruptive phenomenon for CSPs and, happily, Allot’s ‘See.Control.Secure’ motto is more relevant than ever. Smart5G gives CSPs the granular visibility to control and secure 5G networks to meet customer expectations for 5G service QoE.
Moti Goldshtein, AVP Allot Smart Products
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