SmartTraffic QoE

Traffic management solutions that deliver optimal end-user Quality of Experience (QoE)

SmartTraffic QoE

Needs & Challenges

Today’s highly competitive CSP landscape is more challenging than ever. To stay relevant, you must cost-effectively deliver top-notch experiences to your customers, while dealing with technological changes and ever-increasing capacity demands. In such a complex environment, delivering optimal QoE is no simple matter.


Traffic management and QoS assurance
Traffic management and QoS assurance
Improve performance & optimize utilization of existing infrastructure, saving OPEX & deferring CAPEX expansion.
Automated, QoE-based congestion management
Automated, QoE-based congestion management
Increase customer satisfaction and improve brand strength by automatically prioritizing business-critical applications.
Selective steering and service chaining
Selective steering and service chaining
Efficient delivery of value-added services that improve brand strength and improve customer satisfaction.


Reduce congestion & optimize QoE in fixed & mobile networks

Combine real-time monitoring of critical QoE indicators with policy-driven congestion control to maximize the quality of experience your deployed network can deliver.

Prioritize bandwidth sensitive applications and services

Ensure that performance-sensitive services are prioritized over background applications that do not require real-time traffic flow – to ensure customer QoE from critical applications.

Allocate bandwidth to enforce caps

Enforce “Fair Use” management and data caps to ensure that no individual subscriber disrupts the service provided to others. Ensure service availability even under congestion.

Steer selected traffic for innovative Value Added Services

Superior visibility and granular steering means only the traffic that needs to be steered will be steered, thereby minimizing the required VAS infrastructure and saving additional CAPEX.

Multi-tenant visibility & control for Enterprise customers

Generate revenue by helping enterprises save money and increase worker efficiency through the implementation of automated priority-based policies.

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Bandwidth is expensive. Intelligent, dynamic bandwidth management is critical, enabling CSPs and enterprises to get the most out of their deployed infrastructure, while ensuring high QoE.
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