Allot Technology Optimizes your Network to Best Serve your Enterprise

Enterprise networks and network security operations are under increasing pressure to ensure application performance and maintain Quality of Service. Allot solutions enable enterprises to respond to these pressures with maximum efficiency, so that their networks meet both business and user needs, and protect both in a constantly changing environment.

Evolving Market Trends Challenge Enterprises

A number of evolving market trends are impacting the ability of enterprises to run efficient networks that increase productivity, ensure business continuity and satisfy users. The most impactful trends that enterprises are experiencing are:

  • Migration to the cloud, which is amplifying complexities created by many-to-many application dependencies that constitute business processes
  • Growing demand for network resources, to meet the increase in business applications and use of rich media coupled with the prevalence of unified communications, is further accelerated with personal applications and shadow IT that also increase the attack surface that an enterprise presents.
  • An increasing need for security to detect and mitigate threats to the network carried by both inbound and outbound traffic that detrimentally affect availability and business continuity.

Responding to these Challenges

Corporate networks must ensure optimal application performance and response time to all users and all access modes. This involves identifying, analyzing and understanding how their networks should be used to best suit business needs, then implementing the means to meet these needs. Enterprises can most effectively accomplish this through the following combination of functions that Allot solutions deliver:

  • Visibility: Distinguishing Analyzing how critical applications are used, the quality of experience they deliver and how they perform under different network conditions, and what other applications are competing for valuable network resources. Allot network analytics are user, application and device aware in order to get a full picture of the IT environment.
  • Control: Applying granular policies that are simple to setup that can span the whole enterprise down to the individual application or branch in order to maximize delivery efficiency of business-critical applications, limit network congestion by others and remove risky applications that are commonly exploited by cybercriminals.
  • Security: Applying enhanced security measures to block malware and identify and quarantine infected endpoints, protect against denial of service attacks and web threats.

The result: faster, more efficient applications and IT operations, and a more secure network.

Allot Solutions for Enterprise

Allot provides solutions for the enterprise, to optimize and protect your network. Simple and scalable, Allot enables you to fit its solutions to your network so that you can maximize its power and the value of applications in line with the way your business works as it evolves and grows.




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