DDoS Protection

Allot’s multilayer DDoS Protection safeguards your network infrastructure and services, even when under attack.

Communication Service Providers (CSPs) are frequently the target of DDoS attacks. But, even when they are not, their networks are the attack conduit and they suffer from excessive traffic, which hampers their ability to provide services. The cost is high, reaching millions of dollars per attack; SLA penalties, overloaded call centers, efforts to restore or replace infrastructure, and damage to reputation. CSPs must find a way to prevent these attacks.

The Need

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks pose some of the most serious threats to your network, your services, your customers and your business. With the growth of IoT, that threat has increased, as botnets, created by hundreds of thousands of infected devices, can disable services for millions of users. 5G is expected to make this even worse. Whether the attacks are aimed at you or at your customers, your services, reputation and business will be compromised if you cannot mitigate DDoS attacks quickly and effectively.

Allot DDoS Protection and Bot Containment services enabled immediate and effective IoT DDoS defense without installing new equipment or altering existing security systems.

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 Why Allot?

Why Allot?

Detect deviations from machine-learned normal inbound IP traffic. Identify abnormal outbound activity or malicious connections from IoT devices on your network.

Investigate threats in real-time with detailed attack, event, and full packet analysis.

Defend against the Tbps attacks with scalable platforms.

On-premise, cloud, hybrid, or virtual solutions to best fit your network.

Inline… DPI-based policy control capabilities ensure that firewalls and other security infrastructure are always protected and functional.

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Safeguard network assets

Safeguard network assets

Ensure loads never exceed capacity

Protect your reputation

Protect your reputation

Block attacks from your network.



Automatically recover bandwidth and defer expansion.

The Solution

DDoS Secure instantly detects and blocks both inbound and outbound DDoS attacks. Machine learning and artificial intelligence learn normal traffic behavior, enabling rapid, accurate detection and mitigation of abnormal attack traffic.

DDoS Secure is able to:

Thwart both inbound and outbound attacks inline, within seconds, before they disrupt network service

Inspect 100% of network traffic to foil every volumetric attack

Utilize machine learning and artificial intelligence to detect even unknown attacks.

Combine DDoS mitigation with DPI-based traffic management to preserve legitimate traffic and service quality.

Receive unrivalled scalability so you can mitigate even large terabit attacks from multiple vectors.

ERT (Emergency Response Team) provides 24/7 support

This solution is powered by:

Allot Service Gateway

Enable rapid rollout of secure revenue-generating services & network optimization.


Allot DDoS Secure

Surgically mitigate inbound & outbound volumetric attacks.


Allot Subscriber Management Platform

Accurately monitor & meter subscriber data services.


Enable rapid rollout of secure revenue-generating services & network optimization.  LEARN MORE...

Surgically mitigate inbound & outbound volumetric attacks.  LEARN MORE...

Accurately monitor & meter subscriber data services.  LEARN MORE...


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