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The future of 5G goes through Actionable Intelligence

5G is designed to bring faster speeds & lower latency for new business applications, such as autonomous vehicles, AR/VR, eHealth, and more. Customer expectations are sky-high, but even enhanced mobile broadband is not enough to guarantee the delivery of 5G services with optimal QoE. Granular visibility, application awareness, and control are required to deliver premium, differentiated services that meet customer expectations.

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Internet Users
Around the world

  • 4,700,000,000

    Social Media Users

  • 76,460,000,000

    Monthly visits to top 4 websites

  • 21

    GB/month per phone by 2025

Why Allot Smart?

Allot Smart helps service providers address the challenges of delivering attractive services at the highest QoE, while reducing both operational expenses and capital expenditures. This is even more critical during the rollout of 5G networks while data traffic continues to expand, competition is fierce, and ARPU is flat or declining. Service providers have no choice but to get the most out of their deployed networks. Allot Smart delivers the granular visibility and control to make this possible.

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    5G SA Deployment

    Serving DISH Network's cloud-native OpenRAN network

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    Delivering innovative network
    solutions for over 20 years

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    Serving service provider and enterprise network users in over 100 countries

When we decided to renew our existing network traffic management system, Allot’s more expandable DPI solution SG-Tera II system was exactly what we needed.

Satoshi Kashiwa
Corporate Officer of Asahi Net

The SmartTraffic QoE solution from Allot will be implemented with the capacity to manage up to 1Tbps of traffic which makes it possible to deal with the heavy traffic load and provide accurate QoS enforcement.

Broadband Provider in Japan

The SmartTraffic QoE solution from Allot prioritizes critical applications over those that hog bandwidth based on Key Quality Indicators. Using those KQIs, network traffic is intelligently shaped to ensure that heavy users do not negatively impact the QoE of regular customers.

Ethio Telecom

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