Blocking illegal content and applications to comply with regulatory requirements without affecting the overall user experience or network performance.


Needs & Challenges

Providing a safe online experience has become mission-critical for national authorities and Communication Service Providers (CSPs) as they cope with increased cyber threats, including offensive, criminal, or unethical online activities. Regulations aimed at protecting the general population often require network operators to filter harmful content, malicious sites, and illegal applications as well as capture and retain records of access attempts.


Protection and Regulatory Compliance
Protection and Regulatory Compliance
Integrated with the IWF blocklist and easy integration with others. Automated updates ensure constant compliance.
Efficiency and Performance
Efficiency and Performance
Full coverage and scalable to support millions of users with no impact on network performance or QoE.
Visibility and Usage Intelligence
Visibility and Usage Intelligence
Gain detailed visibility of filtering incidents via reports or exported records.


Centralized Gateway-Based Content Filtering

Simply activate SmartSentinel’s WebSafe module in your Allot Service Gateway to monitor all network traffic and block access to block-listed URLs and domains. You may also display a customized information page to blocked users and redirect them to a captive portal. Works in harmony with other integrated services in Allot unified platforms.

Protocol independence

WebSafe works over well-known and widely used layer-5 protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, and QUIC, as well as QUIC with obfuscated headers.

High-Performance Domain Blocking

Allot’s powerful filtering mechanism introduces almost no delay in processing internet requests, ensuring no impact on the subscriber experience. Automated online updates to blocklists are propagated immediately to enforcement elements. Multiple WebSafe filters are supported for lists coming from different agencies or different regulatory bodies. Completely supported over HTTP, HTTPS, and even QUIC.

Comprehensive blocklist support

SmartSentinel simultaneously supports multiple blocklists and is fully integrated with the official blocklist of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and its automated update mechanisms. Allot also enables fast integration of additional blocklists in compliance with regulatory bodies.

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“We are committed to protecting our citizens from online harm, and the Allot solution gives us the tools to carry out this mission.”
Jared Mullen, Director of Digital Safety at the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs
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