Allot 5G NetProtect

Protect your 5G network against inbound and outbound cyberattacks

* Available for Telcos only
Allot 5G NetProtect

Needs & Challenges

The 5G architecture that makes possible exciting new services also includes significantly increased points of vulnerability and enables a massively expanded threat landscape. CSPs need a new approach to network security that will keep pace with modern, multi-stage cyberattacks. Allot 5G NetProtect meets this challenge.


Assure Network Services
Assure Network Services
Block known and unknown threats before any damage to network services.
Maintain Brand Reputation
Maintain Brand Reputation
Isolate weaponized IoT and mitigate outgoing botnet attacks.
Fully automated detection and mitigation.


Real-time, Inline DDoS Protection

Mitigate DDoS attacks automatically, within seconds and at scale, before they damage network service. Both inbound and outbound traffic is inspected to ensure every attack is detected.

Botnet Mitigation

Mitigate abusive behavior of compromised and bot-infected endpoints, through isolation from the network.

Massive IoT Security

Discover IoT devices and enforce expected usage policies to assure continuous proper functioning.

Threat Forensics & Analytics

Investigate threats in real-time with detailed attack reporting, event analytics, and full packet capture. Seamless integration with SIEM and SOAR enables real-time SOC notification of attack detection and mitigation.

Critical App QoE Assurance

Ensure 5G, industry-specific critical app use cases that require uninterrupted, high-performance communication. Protect network elements from surges of bandwidth over-utilization.

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62% of respondents in the latest survey expressed fears that 5G will render them more vulnerable to cyberattacks
2020 Accenture Survey of more than 2,600 business and technology decision makers
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