DDoS Security & Protection

Protect your network against the most sophisticated DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks are here to stay. They are getting bigger, more frequent, and more sophisticated in their quest to flood your network and disrupt service availability.

Allot DDoS Secure is your first line of defense against both inbound and outbound attacks. It surgically mitigates volumetric DDoS attacks and isolates infected hosts, before either can impact your service and business.



Advanced DDoS protection software: Real-time network defense

Allot DDoS Secure brings several unique advantages to your business because it deploys highly scalable inline DDoS mitigation sensors that fully integrate with DPI functionality.

This means that you can:

  • Avoid rerouting traffic to scrubbing centers and save infrastructure costs
  • Get always-on, bidirectional protection that responds in seconds instead of minutes
  • Gain full automation with no need for supervision
  • Cluster multiple sensors to thwart even the biggest volumetric attacks
  • Neutralize zero-day attacks
  • Prioritize critical traffic to maintain high Quality of Experience during attacks
  • Deliver comprehensive attack forensics



No threat goes undetected

Allot DDoS Secure inspects all traffic in and out to form accurate traffic behavior models and detect even the smallest attacks. Whether it’s DoS/DDoS, attacks originating from IoT connected devices, outbound spam, worms or port scanning traffic generated by bot-infected users, we’ve got you covered.



Real-time threat detection and mitigation guarantees service availability

Detect: We use multiple methods to detect anomalous traffic volumes and host behavior in your network.

Filter: Using dynamic filtering rules, we surgically filter out attack packets and avoid over-blocking your network. This allows your legitimate traffic to flow unimpeded, keeping your business online and protected at all times.

Pinpoint: By pinpointing the source of anomalous behavior, we can quickly isolate infected devices at their source, and prevent them from serving as vehicles for cyber-attacks.

Real-time alerts: When a threat is detected and mitigated, we’ll notify you. Our detailed and customizable attack-mitigation logs, event analytics, host infection analytics, and trend/distribution reports will help to support your security planning, threat management and operational decisions.




  • Detect cyber-attacks within seconds with no latency
  • Eliminate traffic overload to maintain your network efficiency
  • Maintain your quality of service during attacks
  • Avoid being blacklisted as an attack or spam source



DDoS Threat Detection and Mitigation in Action

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  • Allot ERT helps prepare and protect a European election against anticipated DDoS attacks. Read More
  • Tier-1 APAC operator responds and defends itself against DDoS attack originating in the operator’s network. Read More


DDoS Protection and Threat Containment for Service Provider Networks


Frost & Sullivan: Service Provider Requirements for DDoS Mitigation

Solution Brief

Inline DDoS Protection versus Scrubbing Center Solutions

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Achieve over 50% customer adoption generating incremental security service revenue with network based security services that protect your customers on-line.

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