Smart NetProtect

All-in-one: Zero-trust, inline protection from Inbound, Outbound & Botnet attacks, with Firewall protection, empowering CSP business resilience.

Smart NetProtect

Needs & Challenges

The most recent industry research underscores the telecom sector as the second-most targeted industry by cyberattacks. Telecom networks suffer twice - both as the primary targets of attacks, as well as conduits for malicious activities. Consequently, these attacks threaten critical infrastructure and services within the CSP network and beyond. What further exacerbates these risks is the advent of 5G technology. With its distributed architecture, multi-access edge computing sites (MECs), and mass deployment of IoT devices, the 5G attack surface is much larger than 4G and 3G, making it much more vulnerable.


Drives business resilience
Drives business resilience
Assuring network, infrastructure, and service availability even under volumetric and hit-and-run attacks – the essence of business resiliency
Protects CSP’s brand image
Protects CSP’s brand image
Isolate weaponized IoT devices and mitigate outgoing botnet attacks
Assures CSP’s productivity
Assures CSP’s productivity
Stops even terabit-per-second attacks, significantly minimizing network downtime and revenue loss risks.


Inline, zero-day, DDoS mitigation

Inline zero-day detection, surgically blocking volumetric Denial of Service (DoS/DDoS) attacks within seconds before they can threaten the network service. A scrubbing center is available in cases of interlink saturation risk.

Botnet mitigation

Inline Host Behavior Anomaly Detection (HBAD) and Command and Control Identification. Allot Botnet mitigation uses statistical algorithms to identify infected hosts automatically. Once a hacked host is identified, it’s quarantined from accessing other hosts and devices in the network.

Web Access Control

Provides the capability to block specific web content according to the demands of regulatory agencies via filters that utilize Allowed lists and Blocklists.

QoE assurance

Provides traffic prioritization and bandwidth re-shaping to ensure latency-sensitive mission-critical application QoE reliability, even under attack. QoE assurance contains a comprehensive signature library, which identifies thousands of web applications and protocols and supports user-defined signatures. Automated Dynamic Actionable Recognition Technology (DART) protocol pack updates from the Allot cloud keep deployments up to date with the latest application and web developments to ensure accurate traffic classification.

Threat forensics and analytics

Investigate real-time threats with detailed attack reporting, event analytics, and full packet capture. Seamless integration with SIEM and SOAR enables real-time SOC notification of attack detection and mitigation.

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62% of respondents in the latest survey expressed fears that 5G will render them more vulnerable to cyberattacks
2020 Accenture Survey of more than 2,600 business and technology decision-makers
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