DDoS Protection Solutions

Detect and deflect even the most aggressive DDoS attacks on your Network

Enterprise networks are frequently targeted with some of the largest and most disruptive Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks. They seriously threaten network performance, availability and integrity, and they have disabled the networks of numerous multinational organizations. Allot DDoS Protection pinpoints inbound and outbound attack traffic and mitigates it instantly, providing robust and scalable security for your organization..

DDoS Detection & Mitigation

The largest attacks experienced by enterprise networks are often DDoS attacks that are designed to flood networks, congest and disable them. The proliferation of IoT connected devices and the multiplicity of ways that users connect to networks raises the attack surface for hackers and the potential of creating huge botnets that infiltrate and infect networks. As a result, in recent years, DDoS attacks have escalated in size and frequency, in some cases involving hundreds of thousands of infected devices that combine to create attacks that exceed one Tbps in strength. The magnitude of these attacks means that they seriously threaten network performance, availability and integrity, and they have proven themselves to be destructive, having disabled the networks of numerous multinational organizations.Allot DDoS Protection detects DDoS traffic and mitigates it rapidly, providing your network infrastructure with the most robust security against such attacks.

Outbound Botnet Containment

Allot DDoS protection accurately identifies DDoS traffic by inspecting every inbound and outbound packet to ensure no threat goes undetected. Filtering DDoS attack packets avoids over-blocking and allows legitimate traffic to flow unimpeded, keeping your business online and protected at all times. Allot also identifies anomalous host behavior, enabling you to identify and quarantine infected hosts and treat the root causes of outbound spam, worm propagation and port scanning. It eliminates the superfluous load they put on your network and minimizes attacks that emanate from your network. Allot is the only vendor that combines DPI-based traffic management with behavioral based DDoS mitigation. Traffic management increases network robustness even in the most severe conditions, by shaping traffic so that no networked resource gets overwhelmed by accidental or intentional traffic anomalies. And Allot responds rapidly to attacks with sub-minute detection and mitigation, without diverting massive volumes of data to scrubbing centers. This ensures that critical traffic is uninterrupted, because every second counts when you’re under attack.

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Supporting Products

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