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Secure Service Gateway for Medium and Large Enterprises

Assures excellent Digital Experience, enabling control of application and online service performance to meet business priorities

Needs & Challenges

An excellent Digital Experience for your employees and customers as well as intelligent insight and control of your application and user behavior are fundamental for your business efficiency and reputation


Improves IT and Business Efficiency
Monitors Digital Experience of employees & customers and assures top priority of business-critical applications.
Safeguards Business Reputation
Powerful web security and DDoS protection identifies attacks within seconds, before they affect your business.
Minimizes Revenue Loss
Root cause of network & application issues is identified rapidly, enabling prompt action before network failure.


360⁰ net visibility & real time troubleshooting
SSG provides 360⁰ granular visibility into your network, application, and user behavior for the decision makers in your organization. Real-time monitoring, usage metrics, Digital Experience quality, and online behavior dashboards help you visualize all traffic, analyze impacts on network performance, rapidly troubleshoot issues, and take prompt corrective actions as needed. Risky and recreational applications, BYOD, shadow IT, and other bandwidth “hungry” applications are identified and graphically displayed. Dashboards are self-customized, so the data you want is always available. Learn More...
Dynamic Actionable Recognition Tech (DART)
Allot’s DART engine, embedded in the platform and powered by supervised and unsupervised ML & AI algorithms, inspects every single packet, even encrypted traffic, without SSL inspection. Allot’s extensive signature library identifies thousands of web applications and protocols and supports user-defined signatures. Automated applications and protocol pack updates from the Allot cloud keep your deployment up-to-date with the latest application and web developments to ensure accurate traffic classification.
Excellent Digital Experience through true QoS, and QoE score
True QoS is achieved by virtually partitioning LAN/WAN/internet resources, so users/applications no longer compete with one another for bandwidth. QoE score is calculated for any web application, consolidating multiple performance metrics, including jitter, delay, packet loss, error, and many additional indicators. Granular visibility & QoE score, powerful policy tools, and intuitive UI help you define & enforce Acceptable Use Policy and prioritize business-critical applications.
Strong web security & DDoS protection
Every inbound and outbound packet is inspected to ensure no threat goes undetected. Dynamic creation of filtering rules and surgical filtering of DDoS attack packets avoid over-blocking and allow legitimate traffic to flow unimpeded, keeping your business online and always protected. SSG also pinpoints host infection and abusive behavior according to abnormal outbound connection activity and malicious connection patterns, so you can treat the root cause of outbound spam, worm propagation & port scanning, and eliminate the additional load it puts on your network.
Ideal PacketShaper replacement
Allot was chosen by Broadcom as the recommended vendor for the transition from the discontinued PacketShaper line of products. Thanks to its centralized management, superior performance, and rich visibility and control capabilities, the Allot SSG is the ideal replacement for PacketShaper for medium and large enterprises in all types of industry verticals. For a smooth and easy transition, Allot provides a migration tool that automatically migrates PacketShaper-defined policies to Allot policies.
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