Robust multi-layered protection for SMBs that lack IT skills, served by the Service Provider.


Needs & Challenges

Increased frequency and sophistication of cyberattacks, IoT device proliferation, constant exposure of devices to external networks that then get used in the office as well as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), are just a few of the security issues with which SMBs are constantly dealing. Small businesses lack the expertise and resources to address these matters adequately, leaving their exposed companies and making them an easy target for threat actors.


Unparalleled Protection
Unparalleled Protection
Protect your business customers against External and Internal network threats while shielding the CPE from anomalies.
No additional hardware
No additional hardware
Deployed as a lightweight agent on existing CPEs, the solution runs seamlessly, even on lower-end routers.
Attract SMBs, Maintain Customers
Attract SMBs, Maintain Customers
Built for the numerous small businesses that do not have IT skills and are in need of a solution.



The solution is designed to be managed by an SMB owner with no IT skills. It provides an intuitive user-centric approach where the SMB owner assigns devices to users and these automatically inherit the user policy.

Robust Security

Multiple layers kick in at the click of a button, protecting office devices from the latest Internet threats including different types of malware such as ransomware, trojans, adware, viruses, bots, and others as well as phishing. This is complemented with local network visibility to identify internal weaknesses and unexpected events and shield the CPE itself from anomalies.

Categorization & Fingerprinting

The threat and content filtering database is updated 24×7 to accurately identify Internet content, stopping threats and preventing access to certain content as defined by the SMB owner. Fingerprinting assists in identifying network devices by type, which is complemented with other device information that allows the SMB owner to define the right policy.

Negligible CPE footprint

The solution is deployed as a lightweight CPE agent that is built to run on low-end and legacy routers. Resource utilization is kept at the bare minimum to provide security retaining a pleasant browsing experience.


The solution is built from the ground up for service operators, which translates into an incredibly low TCO per subscriber. This allows the solution to be offered at a price any SMB can afford while generating significant and consistent revenue.

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