SmartVisibility Network Analytics

Gain actionable intelligence from network, service, application, user, device, and security data

SmartVisibility Network Analytics

Needs & Challenges

Managing network performance and user satisfaction are key to business success. Obtaining meaningful intelligence from your network usage data is crucial for making better business decisions to achieve these goals. Allot SmartVisibility enables service providers to get this source data and turn it into the information they can use to optimize their networks and subscriber QoE.


Rapid and precise troubleshooting
Rapid and precise troubleshooting
See, understand, and correct network problems before they impact Quality of Experience (QoE).
Turn complex data into actionable insight
Turn complex data into actionable insight
View, manage, and optimize your entire network from a single vantage point to assure optimal QoE.
Data-driven services and expansion
Data-driven services and expansion
Targeted marketing that meets customer preferences and just-in-time network expansion to reduce CAPEX.


Real-Time Monitoring Dashboards

Allot’s real-time monitoring dashboards let you visualize network and subscriber usage as it happens. Live, self-refreshing performance metrics report network activity in a granularity of seconds. One-click drill down helps you zero in on problems and troubleshoot faster. Real-time views display traffic metrics according to your defined policy-enforcement elements, making it easy to track the real-time activity of any element that has been associated with an enforcement policy.

Insightful Network Metrics

Easily measure and visualize the network and user activity that matter most to company stakeholders. Displayed reports are interrelated and interactive, so drilling down or changing the data fields of one report instantly updates and refreshes the display of the other reports in the display. In addition, individual reports and dashboards are easily customized and are organized according to domains that are of interest to every network operator – Network, Subscriber, Device, Experience, and Security.

Self-Service Data Mining

Easily model your questions and find answers to complex business problems, such as discovering new market and service opportunities before the competition, or gaining insight on how to dramatically improve customer satisfaction and retention rates. The self-service module is suitable for novices and experienced analysts, enabling both customized and ad-hoc analyses and reports, without the need for software development or upgrades.

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Allot network data source and data science services enabled us to achieve our big data project goals and realize many unanticipated benefits.
VP Business Development, Tier-1 Service ProviderAPAC
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