Unified Management

Advanced visibility and centralized network-wide policy management, traffic monitoring, and usage reporting that delivers network business intelligence essential for IP service optimization. Understanding how bandwidth resources are being consumed by applications and users on the network, enables you to define traffic management policies that link service and performance parameters to your business goals and user expectations.


Providing the power to see and act

Allot’s NetXplorer unified management solution provides unsurpassed visibility and control of your carrier, cloud or enterprise network. Suitable for traditional and virtualized network environments, it allows systems to scale upward, while maintaining overall management from a central server. Granular visibility of application and user activity on the network informs the definition and implementation of traffic management policies that meet your needs and enables the identification and troubleshooting of network problems before they affect performance. All of this is achieved through centralized management, configuration and upgrades that reduce operating costs.


Empowering customers with self-management capabilities

Allot NetPolicy Provisioner (NPP) adds distinctive value to CSPs’service offerings by allowing them to offer multi-tenant self-monitoring and self-provisioning capabilities to their VPN, ISP, and managed services customers. Seamlessly operating with Allot NetXplorer centralized management system, Allot NPP’s web-based GUI is accessible from any browser window and provides direct access to a predefined set of Allot NetXplorer real-time monitoring reports with full display options and drill-down capabilities. If desired, service providers may also permit customers to provision and adjust QoS policies within predefined limits. The capability to offer customers value-added self-management services such as visibility and control of their own usage and transparent reporting of SLA compliance, has proven to be a revenue-generating service that creates trust and creates strong customer satisfaction.


Data Sheet

Allot NetXplorer

Data Sheet

Allot NetPolicy Provisioner (NPP)

Additional Products

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Protecting data networks against the increasing scale and complexity of inbound and outbound cyberattack.

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Your vantage point for network-wide visibility, security and control of all network traffic, application performance and user QoE, customizable according to your priorities.

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