A multi-tenant platform that enables your enterprise customers to monitor and secure their mobile IoT deployments


Needs & Challenges

Machine-to-machine communication is already a significant business for mobile operators and is set for exponential growth with the advent of 5G networks. And yet, from a cybersecurity perspective, IoT devices remain notoriously vulnerable. This deters many companies from significant deployment of IoT. Enterprises need a centralized security solution that will enable them to confidently deploy mobile IoT devices at scale.


Service-differentiating Revenue Generator
Service-differentiating Revenue Generator
Generate an additional 15-25% revenue on top of connectivity charges by securing the IoT deployment.
Block IoT Data Plan Misuse
Block IoT Data Plan Misuse
Leverage AI-driven IoT behavior profiling to detect anomalous activity and block data plan abuse.
Operational Efficiency
Operational Efficiency
Device and application-aware IoT analytics assist in troubleshooting, informed planning, and optimization.


IoT Security

A network-based security solution that provides in-line protection against malware and botnets. It blocks communications with bot command and control servers and other malicious servers based on reputation. In addition, it identifies and isolates bot-infected endpoints using behavioral analysis.

Behavior Assurance

Since most IoT devices are designed for a specific service, typically their communication patterns are consistent. IoTSecure provides the enterprise with the ability to define policies that control the communications of IoT devices.

Behavior Profiling

Leverages artificial intelligence to analyze and profile IoT device behavior. Once behavior has been benchmarked, anomalies can be detected to identify compromised or malfunctioning IoT endpoints. This also assists in data plan protection, troubleshooting and planning.

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We are pleased to deploy our state-of-the-art Allot IoTSecure solution in a cutting-edge market like the US. IoTSecure protects IoT customers from infection and protects networks from rogue IoT device activity.
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