Simple & reliable network security for SMBs. External & internal attacks effectively blocked. Unmatched security & visibility into the network.

Needs & Challenges

As IoT connected devices proliferate, network management and cybersecurity become ever more critical for SMBs. Yet as they grow, business networks are increasingly difficult to manage, attacks grow in frequency and sophistication and many businesses lack the necessary security expertise. The growing prevalence of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practices further increase the risk of infected business networks.


Protect your Customers
Protecting the CPE from security vulnerabilities that can compromise the electronic equipment itself.
Increase Revenue
Increase ARPU by leveraging existing CPE, generating incremental security service revenue.
Secure the CPE
Protecting your CPE from attack by providing password strength enforcement, DNS tampering protection, open port.


Comprehensive Security

BusinessSecure provides multiple security mechanisms that complement each other by providing protection to the business network, devices and the router itself. Taking the multi-layered approach protects the business network from different types of threats, without relying on a specific attack vector.

  • Visibility to End-User
    • IOS/Android App
    • Business network security rating
    • Blocked threats
    • Business network device details
    • Device traffic reports
  • Visibility to CSP
    • Security threat reports
    • Content control reports
    • Business network visibility
    • Traffic usage reports
  • Policy
    • Time of day limitations
    • Content filtering by category
    • Device blocking
    • Safe search
    • Per device/group location policy
  • Troubleshooting
    • In-app chatbox for self support
    • Custom support flows
    • Speed test
    • Smart diagnostics
360° protection (Mobile, work & off-net)

BusinessSecure, as part of the Allot Secure platform, provides the CSP with a unique unified solution for protecting the end user, setting content control policies and reporting tools.

Support low-end and existing CPEs

The BusinessSecure router agent is a lightweight software package that is built from ground up with performance in mind and supports low-end and legacy routers.

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