BusinessSecure: simple & reliable network security for SMBs

Small Business Network Security

As IoT and connected devices proliferate, network management and cybersecurity become ever more critical for SMBs. Yet, as they grow, business networks are increasingly difficult to manage, attacks grow in frequency and sophistication, and many businesses lack the necessary security expertise. The growing prevalence of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) practices further increase the risk of infected business networks.

BusinessSecure: a new way to engage with SMBs

Increase connectivity revenue by 10-15% by leveraging existing Customer Premise Equipment (CPE) to deliver business network security services that protect the critical IoT and connected devices of your SMB customers.

Allot BusinessSecure delivers simple, reliable security for the connected business. This is achieved through a small firmware agent installed on the business router, supported by the Allot Secure cloud, and a mobile application. These elements, working in concert, block both external and internal attacks and provide unprecedented visibility into the network.

Multi-Layered Small Business Cyber Security

  • Protect Business Customers’ Connected Devices
    Allot BusinessSecure uses AI to identify and profile all connected devices on the business network and will detect and act upon anomalous device behavior. Additional protection is provided with web security enforced at the CPE level and network-based A/V scanning.
  • Secure the Business Network
    By segregating the business network, Allot BusinessSecure blocks lateral malware propagation to protect connected devices from attacks originating from within the local network.
  • Harden the CPE
    Allot BusinessSecure protects and hardens your CPE from attack by providing password strength enforcement, DNS tampering protection, open port analysis and protection, process and communication white-listing, and two-factor-authentication access control.

Allot BusinessSecure: how it works

Allot BusinessSecure CPE client – A thin layer of code that installs on the router, through the network. It holds an optimized threat database, updated regularly via the Allot Secure cloud, to block threats in real time. The CPE client is also responsible for the enforcement of small business network security policies related to router hardening, segmentation of devices, and more.

Allot Secure cloud – Supplying the CPE with updated threat intelligence. Machine learning and AI are utilized for the analysis of information provided by the CPE to identify connected devices and create device-specific profiles. The Allot Secure cloud also provides the anti-virus screening service for traffic selectively steered from the CPE.

Allot BusinessSecure mobile application – Providing a simple and easy way for the end user to manage the security of the business network. Alternatively, an SDK and APIs are available to integrate this functionality into CSP-provided mobile applications.


  • Simple, reliable security and network visibility for SMB customers
  • Increase average revenue per user (ARPU)
  • Secure and leverage existing CPE install base
Allot BusinessSecure

Simple & reliable network security for SMBs

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