Provide Network Security for the Connected Home

In today’s expanding threat landscape, all your customers’ connected home devices are a target; whether it’s PCs, tablets, smartphones, IoT devices… even the actual modem/router that provides connectivity. Some devices come with their own proprietary security. Others, particularly cheaper brands, are far more difficult to secure, even for the tech-savvy.

With Allot HomeSecure, you can offer your subscribers a single, out-of-the-box security service that removes the complexity of securing devices in the home and increases your connectivity revenue by 10-15%.

By remotely integrating an Allot HomeSecure thin client with your CPE, you’ll be able to centrally manage all the security for their connected devices. And your users will also receive an app that keeps them engaged with their connected home security.


Multi-Layered Security

Once integrated with the customers’ CPE, the Allot HomeSecure agent applies three layers of security so you can:

Protect devices against external threats —Allot HomeSecure applies machine learning techniques to identify and profile all devices within the home. It then applies a default security policy per device to protect them against external threats.

Secure the local network – By segregating the home network, Allot Home Secure blocks lateral malware propagation to protect home devices from attacks within the local home network. For example, it ensures that a compromised device connected to the home network cannot attack other devices in the same home network.

Harden the CPE – Allot HomeSecure protects your consumers’ CPE from security vulnerabilities that can compromise the CPE itself. For example, password strength enforcement, open port analysis and protection, unauthorized access controls.



  • Increase average revenue per user (ARPU)
  • Add value to your users
  • Minimally impact the user experience (less than 10%)
  • Seamlessly add frequent security updates to close new vulnerabilities as they are discovered

On-demand Webinar

Connected Home Cyber Security: The Consumer’s Perspective


Allot HomeSecure: Securing the Smart-Home

Additional Products

Allot Secure

Allot Secure is a security service delivery platform designed for CSPs that centrally manages and unifies multilayer, multivendor security. It unifies network-based security, home gateway security and security clients into your own branded security service. Allot Secure delivers a seamless customer experience through a single interface for policy setting, reporting, and event handling.


Secure web services and apply parental control across all network-connected devices.

Allot DDoS Secure

Protect carrier networks against tera-bit scale DDoS attacks.

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