DNS Secure

DNS Secure is designed for CSPs who are looking to deploy a network-based security solution, primarily for fixed broadband networks, providing threat protection and parental control functions for the consumer and SMB markets.

Needs & Challenges

The consumer mass markets require protection from malware and phishing attacks more than ever. It is no surprise that consumer concern is high. Service providers who attempted to address the issue with client-based security discovered that consumers didn’t buy-in and the adoption rates were low because they want a simple, transparent, zero-touch service that only a network-based service can deliver.


  • Network Based - Zero-Touch, clientless, frictionless onboarding and built-in customer engagement tools
  • High Adoption Rates - Enables informed mass activation for opt-in and opt-out try-and-buy campaigns, achieve adoption rates of over 50%
  • Increase Brand Loyalty - Yields exceptionally high Net Promoter Scores (NPS)


  • Threat Protection – most advanced threat database for anti-malware, anti-phishing, botnet, and adware protection using domain-reputation engines. URL-based threats and anti-virus real time scanning are covered for selected traffic sent for additional inspection to DNS Secure proxy
  • Parental Control Functions – Parental Control domain-reputation category-based Filtering: Multiple categories available to manage and monitor web browsing and application usage.
  • Effortless Onboarding - seamless deployment, zero-touch, clientless activation
  • Scalability and High Performance
  • Multitenancy Capabilities – Threats, categories and reports per subscriber
  • Telco Carrier Grade Solution - includes both Allot and PowerDNS technologies. PowerDNS solutions are deployed globally with major Tier-1 customers. Allot is a leader in network-based security for mobile consumers with more than 20 million protected customers and worldwide deployments in Tier 1 CSPs.
  • Part of the Allot Secure family of solutions - providing the full spectrum of security services from basic security to more advanced solutions.

Additional products in the Allot Secure Product Family

  • NetworkSecure - Generate incremental security service revenue with network-based security services proven to achieve high adoption rates.
  • Home Secure - Offer cybersecurity services that protect user and IoT devices in the connected home by leveraging existing CPE
  • EndpointSecure – Offnet protection and additional device controls
  • BusinessSecure - Simple & reliable network security for SMBs
Data Sheet

Enhanced Security for the Consumer and SMB Markets


Allot EndpointSecure – An award-winning security technology that provides protection and parental control


Allot Secure – a network-centric approach that enables operators to take full advantage of their network

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