Design & Planning

Learn how Allot can meet your low-level and high-level design requirements

High-level design services

We understand that effective network intelligence and security solutions begin by understanding our customer’s needs and translating them into a customized high-level design. Our specialist network engineers design complete hierarchical solutions that incorporate our latest in-line platforms, services, and management software, integrating it fully into existing environments. Our high-level design addresses scalability issues, the need for high availability, network and data security aspects, and performance. With a robust methodology developed over 20 years in the industry, you can be confident that we deliver well thought-out solutions that are ready for the low-level design phase.

Low-level design services

As a natural follow-on to our high-level design service, our low-level design services result in:

  • A detailed project plan that reflects an in-depth understanding of your needs, including all the information required by our integration teams for project deployment.
  • A clear description of the connectivity and configuration of our in-line platforms.
  • An outline how to implement the desired policy configuration, traffic steering and charging attributes of your solution.
  • Translation of the performance, scalability, redundancy and security aspects described in the high-level design into detailed and clear installation guidelines.
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