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Optimize your communication network to deliver high-quality, differentiated services

Allot Service Gateway

Needs & Challenges

To delight and retain your customers requires continuous service innovation and the highest Quality of Experience (QoE). Granular visibility into usage data and dynamic traffic policy enforcement enable you to evaluate your customers’ online experience and ensure their QoE, even during network congestion. Allot’s multi-service gateways combine traffic classification, automated congestion management, service steering and chaining, and content filtering to ensure optimal QoE.


Intelligent, fair traffic prioritization
Intelligent, fair traffic prioritization
Ensure customer satisfaction through high QoE and fair usage.
Attract, retain, and monetize customers
Attract, retain, and monetize customers
Optimize service offerings to meet customer preferences and drive service profitability.
Defer CAPEX intelligently
Defer CAPEX intelligently
Just in-time, just enough network expansion where it’s actually needed.


Encrypted traffic classification

Frequent and automated updates to the signature library keep Allot Service Gateways current with the latest application and internet developments, ensuring accurate traffic detection and classification.

QoE-driven traffic shaping

All Allot Service Gateway platforms leverage granular traffic classification and measurements to collect Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), which are transformed into Key Quality Indicators that represent perceived end-user QoE. Network traffic is then dynamically shaped, based on operator policies, to ensure users get the intended QoE. Closed loop automation monitors and dynamically optimizes network traffic, using ML/AI-driven congestion management, to ensure optimal performance of critical and real-time applications and to optimize utilization of existing bandwidth.

Service Steering & Chaining

Easily integrate value-added services from leading vendors to build attractive service offerings. Allot Service Gateways support real-time traffic steering to third-party applications or virtualized services with seamless service chaining. As a single point of integration for these services, the Service Gateway simplifies interoperability and service integration to facilitate fast and efficient service rollout, speeding time to revenue in a cost-effective manner.

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The ability to scale up to 100s of Service Gateways at more than 30 sites made a nationwide deployment hugely successful
Mark Shteiman, VP Product at Allot


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