Allot ClearSee Network Analytics

Managing network performance and user satisfaction are key to business success. Obtaining meaningful intelligence from your network usage data is crucial for making better business decisions to achieve these goals. Allot ClearSee enables service providers to get this source data and turn it into the information they can use to optimize their networks.


Providing Breakthrough Network Business Intelligence. Deeper understanding. Better business insight

With Allot ClearSee, you get a complete toolkit for seeing and understanding everything that is happening on your network. As a result you can act faster and more decisively to make your network operate better, faster and smarter, and to assure that every network customer is satisfied. Allot captures a rich variety of application, user, device, quality of experience (QoE), and security data records in real-time, and transforms it into valuable business intelligence that helps you plan, and implement actions which ultimately benefit your customers and your business.


Across-the-board Clarity to Maximize all Aspects of Your Business

Allot ClearSee gives you the capability to access information from all aspects of your business, in order to optimize your service and your profitability. From an operational perspective, ClearSee shows how your bandwidth is being consumed. Knowing the volumes of different kinds of traffic enables you to plan for its effects over time, and prepare for potential problems that could cause your service to deteriorate so that you can avoid them. ClearSee’s analysis of subscriber activity provides marketing departments with valuable information on user, application and device usage that strengthens customer loyalty and subscriber acquisition, by enabling operators to target customers more accurately with service plans that correspond to their behavior. And executive management benefits from ClearSee’s consolidated view of network business, which enables tracking of KPIs.


Data Sheet

Allot ClearSee Network Analytics

Data Sheet

Allot Smart Data Source


Actionable Analytics by Allot


Smart Data Source

Allot Smart Data Source is a breakthrough solution for telco analytics. It allows digital lifestyle providers to capture a rich variety of application, subscriber, device and Quality of Experience (QoE) data from their own networks, and to turn that source data into the valuable business intelligence they need to drive subscriber satisfaction and service profitability.

Network Analytics

Allot ClearSee Network Analytics turns big data from your network into meaningful business intelligence for the decision-makers in your organization. By transforming data into actionable, predictive insight through statistical analysis, Allot ClearSee empowers broadband service providers to operate their networks more efficiently and to get closer to their customers with more effective targeting.

Real-time Network Monitor

Allot ClearSee Real-Time Monitor provides one-click access to meaningfulreal-time traffic analysis dashboards where you can view multiple dimensions of network and subscriber usage as it is happening. This add-on tool ensures instant network monitoring ideal for troubleshooting.

Additional Products

Allot Service Gateway

A unified framework for traffic visibility, usage analytics, policy enforcement and value-added service deployment across any access network, enabling control and optimization of the heaviest traffic loads and ensuring that networks keep pace with the growing demand for differentiated services and quality of experience.

Unified Management

Centralized network-wide policy management, traffic monitoring, and usage reporting, to deliver network business intelligence essential for IP service optimization.


Protecting data networks against the increasing scale and complexity of inbound and outbound cyberattack.

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