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Traffic Intelligence and Monitoring Tools

See how your important applications are performing and identify the demands on your network

Network intelligence is all about understanding how your business applications are performing and how your end users are behaving so you can create additional value and ensure consistent & reliable performance of your most important applications.

Allot network intelligence provides a consolidated view of the corporate network so that network and security teams can act precisely and quickly to assure IT operations, network service, and application QoE.

The Need

The network is the information highway of your enterprise. To improve application delivery, you must be able to accurately measure the quality your employees and customers are experiencing. Being able to identify issues and address them before they escalate is crucial. You also need to properly identify the cause of deterioration. With the reality of ubiquitous connectivity, streaming services, and shadow IT, it’s more important than ever to understand how employees and their applications are behaving, the risks they create, and their impact on the corporate network.

Most companies incorrectly assume all their business processes are running smoothly. With network intelligence, it becomes clear where the network is helping business performance and where it’s hindering it.

Allot Whitepaper on Complete Network Visibility for Enterprise

Why Allot?

Find out what's happening right now on your network and troubleshoot faster to maximize efficiency.

Visualize and understand what it takes to assure optimal application performance for every user.

Measure quality metrics to determine the Quality of Experience of web and real-time applications.

Accurately pinpoint the root cause of congestion and analyze security incidents with accurate and granular data records of every network transaction.

Designed to support data collection and export for medium to large enterprises with millions of endpoints.

Control access and privileges to the different analytics tools for GDPR-compliant deployment.

For the first time ever, we got a truly accurate view of application and user behavior on our LAN, WAN and Internet links.

David Le Clei, Network Architecture at WFS


Data-driven decisions

Make decisions based on facts. Invest in network expansion only when and where it’s needed.

Rapid troubleshooting

Real-time dashboards and metrics help pinpoint root causes of impairment fast.

Proactive problem solving

Identify and prevent potential problems before they escalate.

The Solution

Allot Traffic Intelligence sheds light on the enterprise network, empowering business intelligence, operational efficiency, and security forensics. We provide a complete toolkit for seeing and understanding everything that is happening on your company network.

Real-time Network Monitoring – what’s actually happening in the network.

Insightful Network Analytics – make operational decisions based on facts.

Self-Service Data Mining – easily find answers to specific questions.

Smart Data Source – to third-party SIEM and BI analytics systems.

Data Science Services – identify and obtain the right data sets and build customized reports.

This solution is powered by:

Allot Service Gateway and Secure Service Gateway

Assure application delivery and network service availability with highly-scalable multi-service gateways.

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Allot ClearSee Analytics

Actionable business insights into all aspects of network, application, and user activity.

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Assure application delivery and network service availability with highly-scalable multi-service gateways. Learn more...

Actionable business insights into all aspects of network, application, and user activity. Learn more...


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