Allot DDoS Secure

DDoS protection and bot containment for Communication Service Provider (CSP) networks

Allot DDoS Secure

Needs & Challenges

You need to protect your data network against the increasing scale and complexity of both inbound and outbound DDoS attacks that are designed to flood your network infrastructure and disrupt service availability. Mobile, fixed, and cloud service providers around the world rely on Allot DDoS Secure to rapidly detect and mitigate volumetric DoS/DDoS attacks and neutralize outbound threats before they affect network service and business continuity.


Reduce Business Risk & Network Downtime
Reduce Business Risk & Network Downtime
Mitigate DDoS attacks and assure Quality of Experience (QoE) inline, in seconds, before any damage to your network.
Simplify and Streamline Security Ops
Simplify and Streamline Security Ops
View and manage your entire network security from a single point of control to improve your defense strategy.
Reduce CAPEX and OPEX
Reduce CAPEX and OPEX
Fully automated response stops attacks within seconds and scales up to stop big terabits-per-second attacks.


Real-time Inline DDoS Protection

Detect and block Denial of Service attacks within seconds, before they can threaten or disrupt your network service. Every packet on your network is inspected to ensure EVERY THREAT IS DETECTED. This brings superior results compared to statistical or sampling approaches that miss low-intensity pulse attacks that add up to significant bandwidth loss.

Bi-directional DDoS Mitigation

DDoS Secure automatically detects and blocks inbound DDoS attacks as well as outbound DDoS attacks. This includes preventing abusive activity generated by compromised IoT and bot-infected endpoints that are connected to the CSP network. Traditional DDoS solutions only look for incoming attacks and will miss these outbound attacks that can damage the CSP network, third party targets, or even other service providers, harming your services and damaging your reputation.

Scalable Always-On Protection

Defend against the largest volumetric attacks with Tbps scalable platforms that feature high-availability, dual power supply, and internal bypass to maximize uptime and fault tolerance. With the automatic remote mitigation provided by DDoS Secure, you can signal upstream routers/firewalls to stop large attacks that can overwhelm your network infrastructure (BGP Flowspec and RTBH).

Comprehensive Attack Forensics

Investigate threats in real-time with detailed attack reporting, event analytics, and full packet analysis. Get notified in real-time on attack detection and mitigation. A centralized controller shares attack information between inline sensors in real-time, to proactively prevent attacks in all parts of the network using real-time threat intelligence.

Flexible Deployment & Service Offerings

Get the solution that best fits your network and efficiency requirements whether on-premises, cloud, hybrid, or virtual deployment. Managed service framework options allow you to protect your network and increase your revenues by delivering DDoS protection services to your customers with a multitenant framework that allows each customer to manage and view their own network.

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Allot DDoS Protection and Bot Containment services enabled immediate and effective IoT DDoS defense without installing new equipment or altering existing security systems.
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