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Deliver personalized security & parental control services automatically and effortlessly to the mass market from within the network.

Needs & Challenges

Users of mobile networks require protection from malware, phishing and other cyberattacks more than ever. It is no surprise that consumer concern is high. Service providers who attempted to address the issue with client-based security discovered that consumers didn’t buy-in and the adoption rates were low because they want a simple, transparent, zero-touch service that only a network-based service can deliver.


Zero-touch, clientless, frictionless onboarding and built-in customer engagement tools.
High Adoption Rates
Enables informed mass activation, achieve adoption rates of over 50%.
Increase Brand Loyalty
Yields exceptionally high Net Promoter Scores (NPS).


Comprehensive Threat Protections
URL-based Filtering for HTTP and HTTPS traffic checking for Malware, Phishing, Spyware and Botnets.
Up to three Antivirus engines to scan files downloaded: Kaspersky, BitDefender and/or Sophos.
Threat research team always on the hunt for new threats that are reported and incorporated to the categorization database.
Content Analysis Engine: Dynamic and real-time analysis of malicious URLs.
Reporting: Directly from the subscriber GUI as well as through SMS and Email.
Robust Parental Controls
120 + URL Categories for Parental Controls. The CSP typically exposes macro-categories to the subscribers, applicable to HTTP and HTTPS traffic.
Quiet Time: Ability to completely shut down Internet access for a device during a specific amount of time.
Whitelists and Blocklists of allowed and blocked URLs.
Reporting:Directly from the subscriber GUI as well as through SMS and Email.
Customer Engagement
Engagement provides the subscriber with the perception of the value of the service.
Implemented in different use cases:
  • Icon injection
  • Personal reports and security alerts
  • Redirection to a notification page or insertion of banners
  • Promotion of other services to increase adoption
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In March and April alone, we prevented access to more than 1 million malicious websites, 168,000 malware downloads and 1.2 million total blocks.
Telefonica Spain Press Release, September 20, 2020


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