Provides protection and content filtering for consumers & SMBs even when the user is off-net.

Needs & Challenges

Users should be protected when they are off-net just as they would be protected on the CSP network. It only takes one mistake for a device to become infected by malware, so it is crucial to offer constant protection, regardless of connectivity. The same is true with content filtering (also known as parental control in the case of consumers). Users’ children should be prevented from accessing the wrong content even when they are guests on a different network.


Increase Brand Loyalty
Increase revenue and provide brand differentiation.
Protect Your Customers
Constant, comprehensive security protection even when offnet.
Allot Secure Unified Management
Leveraging existing deployment using same unified interface as other Allot Secure products, seamless integration.


Threat Protection
  • Malicious Website Protection: Identifies and blocks access to malicious websites using market-leading detection techniques.
  • Real-Time scanning: Scans downloaded files, such as apps, to identify those that have malicious intent.
  • Device Scanning: User-initiated scans to find existing threats on your device.
Content Filtering
  • Category based filtering: A parent can choose which website categories should be blocked for the child.
  • White & block listing: Creation of specific exceptions for websites to be allowed or blocked.
  • Quiet Time: Block all device communication during predefined time periods or based on a schedule.
  • Application blocking: Identify apps installed on the device and block those that are not suitable for the child.
  • Alarm: Play a sound on the device to locate it when you believe it’s nearby.
  • Block: Lock the screen of the device to prevent any further usage by someone that does not know how to unlock it.

Identify the current location of the device on a map.


Blocking events are reported back to the Allot Secure platform for the parent (or SMB admin) to receive an aggregated activity view of the users across all the solutions.


The app can be fully rebranded by the Communication Service Provider, including logos, texts and colors.

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