Provide protection for consumers & SMBs even when the user is off-net


Needs & Challenges

Users should be protected off-net just as they would be protected on the Communication Service Provider (CSP) network. It only takes one mistake for a device to become infected or data breached, so it is crucial to offer continuous protection against cyberattacks, regardless of connectivity.
Endpoint security serves as an additional layer of protection on top of our network-based solutions. EndpointSecure can be installed on mobile and desktop devices to keep users safe when they are away from the service provider’s network.


Increase revenue
Increase revenue
Create premium plans to sell EndpointSecure on top of our network-based solutions
Provide off-net protection
Provide off-net protection
Protect user’s devices even when connected to other networks
Unlock additional features
Unlock additional features
Enable users to run antivirus scans on their devices


Threat Protection

Malicious Website Protection: Identifies and blocks access to malicious websites using market-leading detection techniques.

Device Protection

Device Scanning: Scans apps and files automatically and removes malware

Content Filtering

Category-based filtering: A parent can choose which website categories should be blocked for the child.

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