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Corporate Responsibility

Allots' Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) standards for the company’s operating framework

Being a leading provider of innovative network intelligence and security solutions, Allot believes that allocating resources and attention toward environmental, social and corporate governance (“ESG”) related issues is essential in today’s business world.

We are convinced that our engagement in ESG-related matters across all jurisdictions in which it operates, and at all company levels, reflects our commitment to our investors, customers, employees, the community and the environment, all of which are a prerequisite for the sustainable long-term and successful operations of the company.

We believe that commercial and ESG initiatives go hand in hand and are equally important for long-term sustainability and, when combined, can provide additional value opportunities.

Our Values


We are committed to conducting our operations in accordance with the highest legal and ethical standards and best corporate governance practices, expecting our partners and suppliers to meet the same. We endeavor to ensure that all stakeholders are taken into consideration in the decision-making and management processes of our services in a transparent, sustainable and professional manner.

We are constantly seeking to adopt and implement environmentally sound policies in our commercial and internal operations. Supported by our operations division, our objective is to reduce our ecological footprint through a commitment to continuous improvements and considerations.

We recognize the value of human relationships and put people at the heart of our business, ensuring that we create a safe working environment for our employees with an emphasis on well-being, guarantee that we implement anti-discriminatory practices, communicate in a clear and transparent manner with our employees and insist on high standards of integrity and honesty.


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