Our Social Policy

For the People


Safe Workplace & Well-being

We believe that all employees should have the right to work in a safe and respectful environment and that employees should be aware of their rights during their employment with the company.

We are committed to maintaining a workplace free from physical, verbal, or sexual harassment.  Regarding sexual harassment, employees undergo training to understand what sexual harassment is, how to prevent it, and how to deal with it.  All employees are expected to work in a manner that prevents sexual harassment.  Employees are urged to report sexual harassment by filing a complaint internally with HR.

All new employees are required to undergo safety training led by an internal safety instructor and are given a comprehensive manual delineating safety instruction in our work environment.

We encourage our employees to lead healthy lifestyles and offer opportunities for them to take part in well-being activities.  We regularly offer free Pilates classes in a park close to our offices; during Covid-19 lockdowns, classes were offered via Zoom.  We have company-wide activities offering a selection of healthy foods and recipes.  We provide nutritious dinners to employees that stay late.

Anti-Discrimination, Diversity & Inclusion

We believe in equal opportunity recruiting and strive to attract and recruit candidates regardless of nationality, place of residence, sex, gender, gender identity, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, language, marital status, or any other status.

We seek to maintain an inclusive workplace that respects, supports and encourages the development and retention of all our team members, regardless of background.  We aim to create a work culture that offers personal development and growth in line with the company business needs. We ensure that employees are offered the opportunity to progress according to their potential and performance.

Transparent Communication

We invest significantly in people and our working environment by creating and maintaining open communication channels.  Our HR department maintains ongoing, direct communication with our employees through business updates, recruiting activities, management changes and company-wide quarterly business reviews.  We encourage employees to participate in educational workshops and fun activities.  We send updates on critical roles for which we are recruiting globally and offer employees the ability to refer their friends for a generous reward.  Our management and HR team are committed to addressing all questions, concerns and grievances raised regarding all matters related to rights, conditions, relationships, and work environment.

We have employee handbooks for specific locations with a sizable company presence and provide updated and localized information for all employees in our online company portal.


We put practices in place in recruiting to ensure that we recruit using the highest industry standards.  We aim to recruit professionals that match our needs in terms of experience, skills, education, and cultural fit.

We ensure that we provide our employees with competitive salary and benefits that are aligned with the local market benchmarks and labor law.  It is important for us to provide employees with the ability to earn a decent living and have a good quality of life.

We require all employees to act according to the highest standards of honesty and integrity, as well as comply with all legal and regulatory requirements, which extend to the protection of human rights and the prohibition of forced and child labor and human trafficking.  We are guided by global human rights standards, as they are outlined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and in the International Labor Organization’s Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.


For the Community

We recognize that businesses can achieve substantial long-term benefits from being socially responsible.  We believe that improving the quality of life, not only of our employees but also of our communities, is both our responsibility as well as a key driver in our success.

Our investments in the community focus on supporting education.  We participate yearly in the Shiur Acher program by teaching classes and donating funds to elementary school children in under-privileged communities.  We specifically focus on exposing the children to topics that are relevant to the world of high-tech, as well as general subjects that might interest and inspire them.  During Covid-19 lockdowns, we held sessions via Zoom as well.

We place an emphasis on donating food to needy and impoverished families.  We volunteer and participate in Leket – food packaging and distribution throughout Israel.  We also donate leftover food from company events & activities, specifically to women’s shelters.

We contribute our time and funding towards workshops with Amichai, a nonprofit association in Israel for the welfare of people with developmental disabilities.

We also donate to the Israeli branch of the Make-a-Wish Foundation, an international organization which aims to fulfill the wishes of children who are fighting a critical illness.

Our team in Spain donates used office equipment to needy families.

Along with that, we encourage employees to volunteer in their communities and support causes that are close to their hearts.


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