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“I am very satisfied with the protection provided against DDoS attacks by Allot ServiceProtector throughout the critical operations that took place during the past elections”

Lluís Guillén Cabrera, TIC Services Director


Protect IT infrastructure from hacktivists looking to disrupt critical operations during the Catalunya national elections.


Deploy Allot ServiceProtector “as a service” to detect and block DDoS attacks within seconds before they threaten or interrupt network services.


  • Real-time protection against high-volume attacks at network edge
  • Uninterrupted network operations throughout the elections
  • Flexible, just-in-time network protection against potential cyber-attacks

Allot Protects Regional Elections from DDoS Attack


About CTTI

The Telecommunications and Information Technology Center of the Generalitat de Catalunya (CTTI) is a public entity established to integrate all of Catalunya’s computing and telecommunication services under a single structure. CTTI is responsible for leading the direction, planning, management and control of all the computing systems and the telecommunication services of Generalitat de Catalunya.



As the organization managing IT operations for the Catalunya elections during September 2015, CTTI knew it needed to deploy a security solution that could protect the infrastructure from “hacktivists” looking to disturb the region’s political process. CTTI were looking for a proven solution that would be able to protect the infrastructure in real-time and prevent potential high-volume attacks at the network edges.



CTTI has been an Allot customer since 2009, when they leveraged Allot Service Gateway to obtain valuable network insights that enabled them to deliver superior quality-of-service (QoS) to various public administration agencies.


To prepare for the elections, CTTI added Allot ServiceProtector as a first line of network defense. Allot ServiceProtector was deployed “as a service“ by activating the anomaly detection sensor embedded in the Allot Service Gateway that was already deployed in the network together with a cloud-based controller to analyze and mitigate DDoS flooding attacks within seconds, before they have the potential to threaten or interrupt network services.


Allot ServiceProtector inspected 100 percent of the network traffic and surgically mitigated threats to ensure that the Catalunya elections could operate smoothly and without network disruptions.



Allot ServiceProtector successfully thwarted various SSDP-based DDoS attacks on the CTTI network. The automated and highly scalable security solution was robust enough to stop even the largest-scale DDoS attacks.


CTTI are very satisfied with the DDoS protection provided by Allot ServiceProtector during the elections. The service was an important part of CTTI network security, mitigating SDDP-based attacks whenever they threatened to disrupt network services.


Attack Intelligence

Allot ServiceProtector inspected 100% of CTTI’s network traffic and surgically mitigated any threats to network operations.

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