5G Security & Service Assurance

5G takes mobile network evolution to a new level with service-based networking that supports massive IoT growth, fixed-mobile-convergence and critical M2M communication.


End-to-end network slicing, enabled by NFV, supports different services by dynamically allocating virtual resources and functions to meet service-specific performance objectives. The Allot Service Gateway Virtual Edition (SG-VE) and NFV manager comply with leading NFV orchestration systems and are 5G ready.



Quality Assurance
The SG-VE augments standard 5G technical performance indicators through a customer-centric approach that considers Key Quality Indicators (KQIs) to ensure end-user quality of experience (QoE). For example, it looks at resolution and stalls when assessing perceived video QoE to achieve highest customer satisfaction in addition to optimal resource utilization.


Service Differentiation
A second benefit of the SG-VE is more granular (e.g. application specific) visibility and control. Within a Mobile broadband (mBB) slice, you may want to differentiate by criteria such as applications, content providers, users, and locations. For example, in a slice that provides both streaming video and cloud backup, stalls will significantly impact the video QoE, but not the cloud backup. With the SG-VE you can optimize accordingly.


Network Protection
With 5G’s increased access rates and massification of IoT, attacks from the radio access network can be devastating. Allot’s carrier-class DDoS detection and mitigation solution holistically addresses the three phases of a DDoS attack; the compromise or infection of endpoints, the weaponization of the endpoint, and the DDoS attack itself. Critical network resources and user QoE are assured, even during an attack.


Fifth-generation networks are designed to support and drive fixed-mobile convergence, the Internet of Things and ultra-reliable machine-to-machine communications. With Allot’s SG-VE and management systems, operators will be able to efficiently deliver service assurance and differentiation and protect the 5G networks from crippling DDoS attacks.

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