MWC 2023 preview: What do the 5 new themes mean for the future of mobile?

MWC 2023 preview: What do the 5 new themes mean for the future of mobile?

2023 is primed to be an exciting year for the Mobile World Congress (MWC) and the mobile world at large. Following the cancellation of the show in 2020 and miniature versions of the event in 2021 and 2022, Barcelona will once again become the world’s focal point for all things mobile. Attendance is currently pegged at 60+ thousand attendees. Although less than the 100+ thousand at its peak, this substantial number is indicative of the continued global interest in advancing the technology and business of the mobile world.

In 2023, the MWC organizers have publicized a set of themes and trends that reflect the current state of the mobile ecosystem. These themes are:

  • 5G Acceleration
  • Reality+
  • OpenNet
  • Fintech
  • Digital Everything

Let’s take a quick look at each theme, with some deeper analysis, to see what each means for the future of the mobile world.

5G Acceleration

“5G is unlocking untapped value for all players across the entire ecosystem,” says the GSMA. As 5G accelerates the rate at which we send and access information and our devices transmit ultra-low latency data for a host of new applications, 5G is set to transform industry, enterprises, and the way we communicate, work, play, and live.

To deliver the full benefit of 5G speed to their customers, network operators will still need to implement effective application-aware traffic management solutions in their networks. For traffic management, congestion management and security services, DPI remains relevant for optimizing performance and delivering critical enhancements to 5G’s inherent security, with negligible added latency. Allot’s DPI solutions also overcome widespread encryption through the use of heuristic-based and machine-learning algorithms, making them critical network tools long into the future.

Furthermore, the efficiency and security of 5G networks are intertwined with the other. Compared with 4G technology, 5G expands the attack surface of the network. Therefore, network operators need to protect the network from DDoS and bot attacks, which are increasing in both magnitude and complexity. Allot offers fast, efficient protection for 5G networks that allows operators to deliver high network performance with the lowest latency.


As 5G networks facilitate a more immersive experience, with new ways of communicating and accessing information, shopping, gaming, relaxing and even working, customer experience and security will be at the forefront of customer expectations. The Metaverse has already entered the lexicon of early adopters and will creep into the daily lives of millions of 5G customers. As it becomes more commonplace, those customers will increasingly demand not only a secure connection, but also a secure experience.

By identifying and blocking malicious sites and addresses, Allot will play an important role in protecting interactions in the Metaverse and beyond. Zero-touch cybersecurity will become critical to the daily operation of enhanced businesses and entertainment applications. For operators, network QoE solutions, like those from Allot, will also continue to serve the demand for experience management as 5G applications proliferate.


Networks are opening up, becoming more agile and futureproof, but also potentially exposing them to new types of cybersecurity attacks. Allot security and traffic management solutions for 5G are designed for virtualized and cloud configurations to help operators better manage and protect their networks regardless of how open they choose to make their networks.


The COVID-19 pandemic accelerated the adoption of mobile banking and other financial transaction applications. As a result, making payments, exchanging currencies, both traditional and digital, and other banking and commercial interactions have become faster and easier. This, however, has raised the expectation for faster and better service. In addition to the quality of the applications themselves, the quality of the networks that carry those transactions needs to be commensurate with the new digital economy. For banking, finance and retail customers, where transaction speed and quality counts, Allot is there to ensure that business-critical applications get the priority that they require for optimal QoE and to meet SLAs. Through security as a service, Allot also gives mobile operators the tools to provide their customers with protection against banking trojans and other malware that can lead to loss of data and money.

Digital Everything

Digitalization, IoT, and the combination of the real and the digital worlds are phenomena that affect every one of us. The ball is constantly moving, with new digital challenges and opportunities arising constantly. The one common thread through each and every change is the mobile network, and 5G is going to drive a lot of those changes. There will be a constant demand for cybersecurity that keeps up with the change and for network optimization that delivers more with limited network resources. Allot solutions support and protect the new innovations that 5G networks offer. From security as a service, which mobile operators can provide to protect their customers, to DPI-based network QoE solutions, which help operators optimize the quality and efficiency of their networks, Allot is a part of the Digital Everything revolution.

It all comes together at the Mobile World Congress

Whether you represent a mobile network operator or an integrator or any organization throughout the mobile landscape, you are welcome to visit Allot at Mobile World Congress 2023 in Barcelona. You will find solutions that address all the latest and future trends that the GSMA has identified for the MWC audience. You can find Allot solutions and product demonstrations in Hall 5, Booth #5G41. Contact us to set up a meeting with a product expert or a member of our management team. See you at the show.

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