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Offer your own, branded, network-based security services to the mass market to differentiate your offering. Network-based security services address a real need and generate additional monthly revenues per customer. Service Providers have implemented and delivered Allot Secure as an integral network service, achieving high customer adoption rates.
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Our Security Solutions

Security as a Service

Differentiate your offering with branded network-based security services for the mass market. Read More »
Addressing customer demand for secure broadband for the connected home, IoT, and user devices. Read More »
Protect your business customers from online threats. Read More »

Network Security Solutions

Protecting 5G to ensure optimal QoE for all services. Read More »
Safeguard your network infrastructure and services, even when under attack. Read More »
Monetize IoT connectivity with security services. Read More »

Why Allot

Security is moving to a network-based model, whether in the home or as a service. Communication Service Providers are in a prime position to take advantage of this transition and deliver IoT security to mobile; 4G and 5G devices, smart appliances and consoles in the home, connected devices in the business network, and end-user devices such as smartphones and laptops.

Allot Secure unifies core-network-based security with endpoint and CPE-based security for you to deliver branded, security services to the mass market that features a seamless customer experience for all three security layers.

Provisioned and activated like any other network service, Allot Secure does not require any customer effort. There’s nothing to download, install, or configure.

CSPs can achieve high adoption rates, delivering branded, securely fixed broadband & mobile communications. Customers are kept informed on how you’ve protected them, helping to achieve the ongoing perception of value and high customer satisfaction.

There is a need to offer an advanced protection service for the fixed and mobile networks… We see the huge potential of Telefónica to achieve very high penetration rates with this type of service.

Jose Luis Gilperez, Executive Director Public Administrations, Defense and Security, Telefónica España


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