Allot Secure

Offer Security-as-a-Service for the Mass Market

Most people have neither the time nor the skills to deal with the complexities of security and security point products, especially in an expanding IoT market. They want someone else to do it for them.

And they are ready to pay.

As a Service Provider, you are in a prime position to take advantage.


Seize the Opportunity

With AllotSecure, you can offer Security as a Service (SECaaS) that protects mobile, fixed and converged customers at home, at work and on the go. A multi-layer platform, AllotSecure integrates network-based security with endpoint and CPE-based security to help you deliver branded, end-to-end security services to the mass market.

By taking the SECaaS approach with Allot Secure you can provide significantly greater value to your customers than traditional security point products.


Simple to Manage

Set policy, generate reports and handle events through a single interface, using Allot Secure’s centrally managed system.



You can distribute Allot Secure components according to the best fit for your business needs; whether it’s centrally, across a traditional network or as a virtual network function in an NFV architecture.



Your platform won’t need to rely on any specific protocol or network service such as DNS. It will be resilient to encryption, and you can easily integrate security engines to meet future attack threats without requiring costly upgrades.




Using Allot Secure, some of the world’s largest deployed network-based security services have successfully rolled out services that generate incremental revenue of $1-4 per subscriber per month with over 50% customer adoption. Become a leading security provider to your mass market as you:

  • Differentiate your brand and strengthen customer loyalty
  • Gain unprecedented Net Promoter Scores
  • Achieve record customer adoption with frictionless onboarding and mass activation
  • Generate high incremental security service revenue per customer, per month.



Secure Every Connected Device, Everywhere

Allot Secure is the only platform that lets you protect end-user and IoT devices simultaneously in the core network, home network, and off-network with a transparent end-user experience.




The Allot Secure platform unifies management for the following:

  • EndpointSecure: For securing your customers on- and off-net with a seamless customer experience.
  • HomeSecure: For securing home IoT, smart appliances, and home offices by integrating security software with existing CPE.
  • NetworkSecure: For securing web services and applying parental control across all network-connected devices.
  • IoT Secure: For securing your enterprise customers’ mobile IoT deployments.
  • DDoS Secure: For protecting carrier networks against tera-bit scale DDoS attacks.



Allot Secure: Cybersecurity Protection for the Mass Market


Allot Secure: Cybersecurity for the Mass Market

Additional Products


Secure web services and apply parental control across all network-connected devices.

DDoS Secure

Protect carrier networks against tera-bit scale DDoS attacks.


Secure home IoT, smart appliances, and home offices by integrating security software with existing CPE.

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