Accelerate Service Agility and Lower Costs with Allot’s Virtualized Multiservice Platform

Data networks are shifting dramatically as service provider and enterprise networks migrate to virtualized or cloud-based architectures. Service integration is one of the key challenges to be overcome as operators determine which part of the network to tackle first; how to approach the migration; and how to demonstrate at every step along the way that the intended benefits are being realized.

Enabling smooth migration

Allot solutions are uniquely poised to operate seamlessly in hybrid environments where some network functions are virtualized and others are physical in order to ensure interoperability with existing network infrastructure during the NFV migration process. Just like our physical Allot Service Gateway platforms, Allot’s virtual service delivery framework connects and coordinates data and control plane functions to enable end-to-end multiservice delivery. At every stage of your network migration to NFV, Allot’s virtual service delivery framework minimizes or even eliminates integration headaches, enabling seamless deployment and flexible operation of the virtual network functions that power your service offering.

Assuring interoperability

The virtualized framework is compliant with the ETSI NFV blueprint, providing production-proven integration with multi-vendor networking, provisioning, charging, billing and customer engagement functions, as well as tested interoperability with multi-vendor NFV infrastructure, management and orchestration systems.

Leveraging Know-How

NFV migration is fraught with unknowns and is not without risks. Virtualization is only part of the goal. The other important goal is to maintain all existing functionality and to be able to leverage the virtualized cloud infrastructure to implement more complex use cases that advance the operator’s business. Allot is a solution partner who has implemented hundreds of successful use cases involving Policy Control and Charging integration in demanding carrier environments. Allot starts in the lab and with proof of concept trials conducted in the customer network. Then we apply our know-how and experience to translate success in the lab to success in the operator’s production network.

Our field-proven integration and interoperability with NFV+SDN+MANO ecosystem assures faster time to revenue for your virtualized network services.

Allot vTDF/PCEF powers Amdocs Policy Gateway Solution

Accurate traffic visibility and classification is absolutely essential for the provisioning, enforcement and charging of data services. In partnership with Amdocs, the market leader in customer experience software solutions and services for the world’s largest communications, entertainment and media service providers, Allot supplies the virtualized traffic detection (TDF) and policy enforcement (PCEF) functions for Amdocs Policy Gateway (APG) solution. Allot vTDF/PCEF provides granular traffic classification, metering and policy enforcement to Amdocs Policy Gateway, resulting in an end-to-end, PCRF-PCEF solution that is deployable over the cloud and in virtualized environments.

Allot vTDF on HP OpenNFV Platform

Allot is an active participant in the HP OpenNFV Partner Program where we are leveraging the HP OpenNFV platform to offer a virtual Traffic Detection Function (vTDF) and a host of value-added services to service providers and enterprises. To date, Allot and HP have verified interoperability of security services, with more to come. This integration demonstrates Allot’s commitment to enabling fast time-to-market and reduced costs for the deployment and delivery of revenue-generating services in virtualized cloud environments with leading NFV innovators like Hewlett-Packard. Download our Solution Brief: Allot Virtual TDF/PCEF Drives Real Data Monetization