Key Benefits

  • Increase ARPU
  • Close the gap between network usage and revenues
  • Promote fair use and predictable utilization

Volume-based Charging in Action

allot volume based charging

Volume-based charging translates increased usage into proportional revenue growth for data service providers. It also helps them better regulate network utilization. For example, operators can offer a choice of data plans with megabyte or gigabyte caps priced according to the volume of data traffic allowed during a one-month period. Subscribers gain complete transparency regarding their actual data consumption plus the ability to control monthly costs. Further monetization opportunities open up when customers who are approaching their cap limit are notified and given the option to “top-up” their data cap for a fee, or to upgrade to higher usage plan. Volume-based charging also promotes fair use, as heavy users are no longer subsidized at the expense of others.

Allot Service Gateway
Allot Subscriber Management Platform