Key Benefits

  • Reduce trial and error in resolving customer complaints
  • Improve your Customer Care service
  • Enhance your brand image

Customer Touch-point Optimization In Action

allot customer touch point optimization

Every interaction with your customer is critical. The right kind of usage and activity analytics can assist Customer Care personnel in resolving customer issues. For example, customers may complain that their handset battery requires frequent recharging and is running out of juice after only a few hours of use. While the usual suspect may be the battery, the customer’s usage history points to a recent download of one or more bandwidth-intensive applications as well as frequent use of that application. The history may also show that the downloaded application works better with a later version of the device’s operating system. Armed with this usage history and analysis, support personnel could recommend using an alternative application that is easier on the battery, upgrading the device OS, or upgrading the battery, or all three options. With so many factors affecting data service, customers value a service provider who is knowledgeable and can resolve problems quickly.

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