Allot Solutions for Service Providers

Allot multi service solutions, powered by Allot Service Gateway, enable rapid rollout and assured delivery of high-quality subscriber and business services over any access and at any scale so you can:

  • Differentiate your offering with service innovation
  • Increase service revenue and customer loyalty
  • Improve network efficiency and user quality of experience
  • Protect your network and your customers from cyber threats

Multi Service Value

Allot multi service solutions, powered by Allot Service Gateway, integrate essential capabilities across six domains:

Network Intelligence

Allot solutions give you complete visibility of network usage and valuable insight on subscriber behavior to drive better business decisions. Interactive dashboards provide a 360° view of app and user traffic, while Allot self-service analytics tools let you generate custom views on demand. Export Allot’s rich network data records to enhance the insight you gain from BI and big data systems.

Traffic Management

Your brand is built on the quality of network service your customers perceive. Allot Traffic Management solutions save time and money by automating your ability to proactively control congestion, optimize service delivery, and shape the Quality of Experience (QoE) your network delivers to each application and user.

Policy Control & Charging

Allot helps you maximize customer lifetime value by leveraging application-based and usage-based data plans that cater to the unique and dynamic needs of prepaid, postpaid, consumer, and business customers. Allot PCC solutions integrate quickly and seamlessly with your authentication, provisioning and charging systems to assure fast service rollout and time-to-revenue.

Security Services

Allot Security as a Service solutions are a proven way to enhance your brand and generate incremental ARPU as your network becomes the one-stop shop for anti-malware, parental controls, ad blocking, and other personal web security services that protect consumers and businesses from online threats and undesirable content.

DDoS Protection

Your network business depends on 100% service availability. That’s why Allot helps you establish a first line of defense against inbound and outbound Denial of Service threats. Allot accurately detects and mitigates DDoS attacks in seconds, before your network service suffers costly disruption or downtime.

Value Added Services

Leverage Allot partnerships and integration experience for fast deployment of end-to-end service solutions. Allot Service Gateway solutions employ open and standard interfaces to accelerate integration in any network and with any 3rd party service.

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