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  • Need for parental control and anti-phishing/anti-malware capabilities
  • Interest in monetizing and differentiating in the SECaaS market


Existing traffic and subscriber management solution and advanced Big Data analytics tools from Allot have been expanded with the Allot NetworkSecure solution. The NetworkSecure solution powers Safaricom’s “Secure Net” giving them the ability to offer their customers a unique Security Service that protect users from prevalent cyber threats, like harmful website and applications, virus downloads, and malware. Allot’s solution is powered by up-to-date threat intelligence ensuring that Safaricom’s Secure Net is always safe.


  • Differentiated from local competition by pioneering SECaaS offering
  • Increase the ARPU while protecting their customers
  • Generate intelligence reports for informed network decision making
  • Provide mobile SECaaS with easily scalability down the line

Safaricom Gains Valuable Insights and Rolls Out Security-as-a-Service (SECaaS) For Its Customers


About Safaricom

Safaricom PLC is a listed Kenyan mobile network operator headquartered at Safaricom House in Nairobi, Kenya. With 29 million connections, they are the largest telecommunications provider in Kenya and one of the most profitable companies in the East and Central African region. The company offers mobile telephony, mobile money transfer, consumer electronics, ecommerce, cloud computing, data, music streaming, and fiber optic services. It is most renowned as the home of MPESA, a mobile banking SMS-based service.



Safaricom has been satisfied with our traffic management solutions and our subscriber management platform for many years. The first part of the challenge in this deal was to optimize the way they were analyzing the vast amounts of traffic on their networks.

Additionally, Safaricom wanted to add anti-malware and anti-phishing to their networks while leveraging the existing solutions that had already been deployed by Allot. Rumors of parental control regulation in the region have been circulating and the operator wanted to be prepared by rolling out parental control functionality to their customers ahead of the official regulations. Finally, their research indicated that their customers were interested in buying Security-as-a-Service from their ISP, and Safaricom wanted to differentiate themselves from the competition in the region by being the first operator to enter this market.



The existing Allot infrastructure empowered us to move quickly and the first challenge we met was for optimized analytics. By deploying ClearSee on the SG Teras at each site, the big data that was being captured by the network was able to be captured and turned into valuable reports that indicated network trends and anomalies. By having a clearer understanding of the network activity Safaricom can make informed decisions that will allow them to manage their network and make informed decisions on future network investments.

The next step taken to assist the network operator was to add NetworkSecure solution to the infrastructure which provided the anti-phishing, anti-malware and content filtering protection that they required. Additionally, this solution allows the Safaricom end-users to enforce parental control from their devices and simultaneously protects them from malicious attacks on their home network. The addition of this feature also serves as the operator’s entrance to the SECaaS market.

Safaricom is the first network operator to introduce these security services in the region, which helps to differentiate them from the rest of the competition.



Along with existing ClearSee Analytics and the addition of NetworkSecure to the existing solutions, Safaricom can:

  • Increase Customer Satisfaction and RevenueSafaricom’s customers will benefit from a more secure network which increases their satisfaction. The sale of these services adds incremental ARPU for the operator, so everybody wins.
  • Improve Operations, Product Planning and Marketing VisibilityClearSee Analytics allows for detailed analytics for various stakeholders in Safaricom, facilitating Safaricom’s decision makers to make informed and educated business and operational decisions.
  • Differentiate Service and Scale EasilyOffering customers the ability to purchase SECaaS offerings sets Safaricom apart from competition, and the Allot solution is designed to scale with ease. Safaricom plans to break into mobile SECaaS down the line with this scalability.



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