Integrated URL Filtering for Regulatory Compliance

Allot ContentProtector (which also replaces WebSafe) provides a carrier-class URL filtering service that blocks access to blacklisted and illegal content across your data network, enabling you to comply with government regulations and to take proactive measures to provide a safer and more protected Internet environment for your customers. With the power to inspect all traffic on your network, Allot’s URL filtering capabilities ensure that blacklisted and illegal Internet sites are automatically blocked. Moreover, you can combine URL filtering with Allot’s policy-based traffic management and application control to more easily control a wide range of network activity in compliance with the growing number of government regulations.

Allot ContentProtector helps you:

  • Fully integrate with authorized blacklists such as IWF
  • Automate blacklist updates to ensure constant compliance
  • Easily integrate additional blacklists
  • Deploy simply without introducing new point of failure
  • Eliminate impact on network performance or QoE
  • Support millions of users with advanced scalability
  • Get real-time visibility and detailed reporting from a central console

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High-performance filtering

Allot’s real-time URL filtering mechanism introduces almost no delay in processing Internet requests, ensuring no impact on network performance or user QoE, even in the most demanding networks. Real-time enforcement lets you block access to blacklisted URLs, display a customized warning page and redirect users to an operator portal for further information.

Without over-blocking

Dynamic whitelist lets you adjust blacklists to local requirements and correct possible blacklist errors on the fly to avoid over-blocking.

Easy blacklist integration

Allot ContentProtector is fully integrated with the official blacklist of the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF) and its automated update mechanisms. Allot also enables easy integration with any regulatory or watchdog blacklist.

Visibility and reporting from a unified console

A unified management console monitors and manages illegal content filtering across your entire network and provides detailed reports of filtering events. Real-time alerts notify you when content has been blocked. Affected subscribers may also receive notification and/or redirection to a captive portal.

No-impact deployment

Requires no change in network or router configuration.

Allot ContentProtector is available as a licensed service within Allot Service Gateway and Allot NetEnforcer platforms, or as a standalone service that utilizes BGP and existing router deployments to block blacklisted content at router nodes.

Distributed Filtering (Router-based)

Allot ContentProtector utilizes your existing router infrastructure to create content filter nodes that operate independently throughout your network. Blacklisted URLs and DNS resolutions are distributed to each node in real-time, using BGP to communicate seamlessly with each router. Blacklists may be applied to all users or to select target groups, allowing you to provide service to different countries or regions and to comply with their respective regulations. Router-based Filtering diagram

Inline Filtering (Gateway-based)

Another deployment option is to simply activate the ContentProtector module in your Allot Service Gateway or Allot NetEnforcer platform to monitor all network traffic and to block access to blacklisted URLs. You may also display a customized information page to blocked users and redirect them to a captive portal. Works in harmony with other integrated services in Allot unified platforms. allot-contentprotector

Mandatory Content Filtering

Real-time URL filtering enables you to comply with government regulations against copyright infringement and distribution of illegal content via the Internet, so you can:

  • Show proof of compliance through daily/weekly Filtering Reports
  • Scale URL filtering services on demand as new regulations emerge
  • Avoid complaints and time spent resolving them

Enhance Brand Reputation

Take a proactive role as a socially responsible business organization by implementing lawful URL filtering of blacklisted Internet content before you are required to do so, in order to:

  • Build a better brand
  • Reduce customer churn
  • Provide a safer Internet environment

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