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A look back at Infosecurity 2022

A look back at Infosecurity 2022

Working the booth at Allot's booth at the Infosecurity cybersecurity conference

Whew, I just returned from London after having attended Infosecurity, Europe’s largest cybersecurity conference.

While my legs are tired from so much walking due to the rail strike – the largest in the UK in three decades – it was amazing to come together face to face after several years of cancellations and virtual conferences.

It was great to be among many of the world’s top security companies, meet with potential customers, and mix and mingle. I also had the opportunity to meet many people at my session on Thursday.

What else took place?

The conference opened with a keynote discussing the need for national and global cybersecurity cooperation. They touched on the need to establish relationships, and collaborate within your organization and across organizations, for organizations to have company-specific cyber response plans – which are frequently refused.

Working the booth at Allot's booth at the Infosecurity cybersecurity conference

Another excellent panel discussed ransomware and the balance between paying a ransom vs the costs of recovering from ransomware attacks. This is a particularly pressing issue for small businesses, which may collapse if they don’t pay the ransom. “We’ve all been told not to pay blackmailers and extortionists. If you do they will come back time and time again,” claimed Barry Coatesworth, Director of Risk, Compliance & Security at Guidehouse. “Some larger organizations can weather the storm and not pay. But SMEs can’t. If they don’t pay, they lose the business.”

These are all issues that consumers and businesses need to consider, as the threats only continue to increase. Of course, subscribers running Allot Secure network security solutions are protected.

In the meantime, here are the latest events that Allot is participating in.

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