Securing 5G Networks & Smart Home Devices with Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Cloud-native Allot 5G NetProtect & HomeSecure in the AWS cloud

Allot is partnering with AWS to help CSPs embrace cloud-based network deployment. The goal is to make networks more elastic and resilient, easier to operate, safer, and simple to maintain – at the edge and within the core.
This is achieved through cloud-native, containerized network functions that can scale to meet demand cost-effectively, self-heal when damaged, and be easily upgraded as needed.

To help realize this dream, we are working together to deploy Allot 5G network protectionsecurity servicesanalytics, and QoE products in the AWS cloud.

Mobile operators need to secure both the network user plane and their end-users against continuously growing cyberthreats, as attacks increase in both number and complexity. In addition, granular visibility, analytics, and advanced traffic management are key to optimal service delivery, end-user QoE, and customer satisfaction. As a first step, AWS and Allot are working together to help DISH deploy and protect the first 5G cloud native network in the US.

Best in Class Solution

Allot 5G NetProtect is a specialized network monitoring and DDoS Mitigation solution, deployed on the AWS cloud and outpost zones, to protect the 5G core network. 5G NetProtect secures the UPF (user-plane function) and Multi-Access Edge Computing (MEC) against zero-day DDOS attacks and bot recruitment. Using Amazon EKS, CSPs gain the flexibility to start, run, and scale the Allot 5G NetProtect cloud-native implementation in the AWS Cloud, to meet DDoS threats at scale and on demand.

5G NetProtect Delivers:

Industry Leadership – The most mature, cloud-native, network-based security and traffic management products
Inline DDoS and Botnet Protection – Accurately detect & mitigate DDoS attacks, both inbound and outbound, automatically, within seconds. Isolate infected IoT and bot endpoints Unified Security – Protect consumers and SMBs, anytime, anywhere, any threat: on fixed, mobile, Wi-Fi and off-net
QoE Assurance – Ensure QoE of performance critical applications, at peace and under attack, to drive customer satisfaction and meet SLA commitments

Solution Details

Allot has fully embraced cloud-native architecture, transitioning its network security and network intelligence solutions to the cloud paradigm, and implementing:

  • Control and User Plane Separation (CUPS)
  • Stateless vs. Stateful components
  • Microservice-based architecture
  • Container-based deployment
  • Full Life Cycle Management with integration to leading Orchestrators
  • Continuous integration / continuous delivery (CICD) of all functionalities

Solution Benefits

Moving Allot’s workload to the cloud facilitates core network migration and new 5G core cloud deployments and drives increased consumer security services. In addition, this also helps CSPs:

Assure SLAs for business-critical applications – Block known and unknown threats before any network damage
Increase customer satisfaction – Customers expect consistent QoE and are happy to pay for cybersecurity from their service provider
Differentiate your brand: Become known as the safe and secure broadband network

AWS Partnership
AWS Partnership

Allot is partnering with AWS to help CSPs embrace cloud-based network deployment.

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