Understand what’s happening on your network and make better business decisions

Most of the interaction between you and your subscribers is when they are online, using your network for all kinds of Internet services and activities. Your ability to obtain accurate usage data and analyze it has tremendous value in helping you to know your network and make it more efficient; and to know your customers and get closer to them.

Turn network big data into big value

Allot Network Intelligence solutions put a wealth of actionable network usage data at your fingertips. The superior traffic classification inside Allot multiservice platforms captures numerous dimensions and measures of real-time network usage, including session, location, access, device, application, content, interest, service plan, QoE score, security events, and more. Allot experts help you filter, blend, and aggregate these different data dimensions and measures into consolidated data sets that are ready for analysis by Allot’s interactive network analytics tools, or by your existing BI, CEM and other systems. To complete the picture, you can import source data from CRM, billing and other systems into Allot’s data warehouse, and expertly join external system data with network usage data to create rich and focused data sets. Allot’s professional Data Science Service experts help you obtain the right data sets quickly and efficiently, which greatly reduces the volume of data that needs to be analyzed and accelerates your time-to-insight. As a result, you gain a 360° holistic view of your network and your subscribers that allows you to take informed and effective actions to advance your business.

Network Analytics for performance and profitability

Allot Network Intelligence solutions bring all your network data together in one place and make easy for stakeholders at all levels to visualize and understand the demands on your network and how your services are performing. Allot’s comprehensive and intuitive analytics dashboards provide valuable insight on every aspect of network utilization and subscriber-application Quality of Experience. Allot makes it easy to customize any dashboard view and share it with your team.

With Allot, you’re not limited to fixed views of your data. When you need to investigate a special use case, or look at specific network data in a different way, Allot’s unique Self-Service Reporting tool provides a drag-and-drop interface that allow you to mine your data, create custom views at will, and share them with others. In addition, our experienced data science and consultancy experts can help you craft customized analytics reports, reporting dashboards, and analytics tools in a fraction of the time that is typically required by BI vendors.

Purpose-built for Telco Big Data

Telco network data is big data. Allot’s Network Intelligence architecture is purpose-built to scale effortlessly, with the ability to capture and process the data of hundreds of millions of subscribers, and to retain the data as required. We work closely with service providers worldwide and translate their network intelligence needs into new analytics functionality and reporting within our solution, so you benefit from telco best practices worldwide. Contact us today for a live demonstration on how Allot Network Intelligence can turn your network big data into big value.

Analytics Dashboard

Network Planning

Save capex and opex through accurate capacity planning and management of network resources.

Network Optimization

Track key performance indicators such as Busy Hours to predict usage peaks and prevent network congestion.

Real-Time Monitoring

Improve your ability to troubleshoot and resolve network problems on the spot.

Service Innovation

Rapidly roll out innovative services that cater to popular applications and hot trends.

QoE Management

Track and assure the browsing QoE for all your subscribers.

Customer Retention

Reduce trial and error in offering the right service plans to your subscribers.