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Actionable Intelligence drives smart decisions that improve Quality of Experience (QoE) and enhance customer satisfaction.
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Why Allot

Allot Smart is a suite of network intelligence solutions for Communications Service Providers (CSPs), powered by machine learning, artificial intelligence and cutting-edge DPI technology.

Allot Smart enables network operators to clearly see and understand their networks from within and provides the tools to optimize, innovate, and capitalize on every opportunity; from learning about users and network behaviors, to improving QoE and reducing costs. All of this is achieved while increasing value to customers and deploying new services faster than ever before.

Allot Smart is deployed on multiservice gateways that facilitate rapid rollout of revenue-generating services while lowering costs and accelerating ROI. The Allot Service Gateway is available as a fully containerized cloud-native solution, as a virtualized, ETSI compliant NFV deployment, and in scalable hardware form factors ranging from small footprint appliances to a full chassis with pluggable blades.

The advantage of the DPI system from Allot Communications is that it can be deployed on a virtual infrastructure. Thus, we were able to reduce the initial cost (CAPEX) and reduce the payback period of the system.

Mr. Igor Ilinchik, First Deputy CEO, AMTEL-SVYAZ JSC


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